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Andy Rooney from 60 Minutes

Andy Rooney from 60 Minutes has been very vocal about his disdain for religion and lack of a belief in god.

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Lance Armstrong

Lance Armstrong has been quoted as saying "If there was a god, I'd still have both nuts."

His perspective as a cancer survivor and a religious skeptic (it's unclear whether he's an outright atheist or not) would add interesting perspective in contrast to the many in the theist community who exploit people with disease or the many who claim to have been cured by miraculous divine intervention. 

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Ayaan Hirsi Ali

I am 1/3 of the way through her autobiography, "Infidel." It is an intense story of her journey from radical islam to atheism.

She is also the author of "Submission," the film for which Theo van Gogh was shot and mutilated by a nutty muslim. The 5-page letter stabbed into his chest with a hunting knife was adressed to her.

She grew up in Somalia, Saudia Arabia, Ethioipa, and Kenya with a stict muslim upbringing. She was a victim of female curcumcision and fled an arranged marriage to seek asylum in the Netherlands. She bacame a Dutch MP in 2002 at age 32, but had to go into hiding following the murder of van Gogh. She left office in 2006 amidst immigration disputes. (She admits to falsifying info on her asylum application.) Currently, she holds a fellowship at American Enterprise Institute, supposedly a center-right think tank. She is embraced by the right because of her ant-islam stance, but her book demonstrates that she has been rational from a young age.

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Guest suggestion: Pat Condell

I stumbled across atheist comedian Pat Condell through his hilarious and well-spoken Blasphemy Challenge video, which you can see here:

Here's an article about him, from TimeOut London:

 And his website:



Tried to get Tom Short on

So there is this guy who comes to my campus every semester and preachs to the student body in the free speach zone. Basically it asked him to check this site out and that it hought he should try to get on the show. Here is his response.


Tom Short wrote:

I checked out the website and have ZERO interest in interacting with these
There whole premise is that they have now committed the unpardonable sin --
something they simply scoff at.
Doesn't appear to me as if they are open-minded at all to discuss this and,
thus, to do so would be a big waste of time on my part.
There are millions of people honestly seeking answers to life's difficult
Why would I want to spend my time beating my head against the wall with
someone who is definitely NOT seeking?
Thus, while I pity their poor, misguided soul, I really doubt there is any
hope for them and, therefore, will not waste my time with them.

I hope you don't fall into this category as well.

God bless (and I am enjoying the presence of the Holy Spirit in my life!!!)

Tom Short

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Pastor Donnie Davies

This is Donnie Davies, a pastor where I live (Houston, TX). This music video is not a joke, its real and he means it.

I don't mind getting on the show to talk to this guy.

JesusFreak - Youtuber

Get this guy, he has alot of subscribers and does some decent videos. Although he speaks on the end of Christianity he would be a great person to have on the show and I'd love to hear it.

Penn Jillette

Penn (and his partner, Teller) is very openly atheist. And he's very outspoken concerning our plight as atheists, so I'm sure he'd make a great guest.

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Another Guest Suggestion - Someone needs an intervention

OMG, he totally needs an intervention!

Anyone else agree? You should try contacting him and asking him if he'd agree to be on.

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Guest suggestion--Togetherforpeace from youtube---Me

I would find it quite a privilege to be on your show. Not to mention a great reason to comb my hair. Smiling

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