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If it has something to do with the things you find irrational, please post it here!
914190254 weeks 1 day ago
by Beyond Saving
Why believe in a God?
252010244719 hours 8 min ago
by Fonzie
Religious debate forum, that is heavily moderated, with strict rules. Posters must make every effort to be kind and courteous. No cursing, no insults, no deconstructive criticism. Moderation is provided by a theist-atheist mod team for fairness.
291944640 weeks 7 hours ago
by iwbiek
The bible is contradictory. Care to defend it?
32765631 year 17 weeks ago
by danatemporary
The Official forum of the Campaign to bring the Mythicist standpoint to the front door of every human on the planet.
168384728 weeks 5 days ago
by Jeffrick
This forum is to be used for one on one debates. Only debate participants and a handful of mods are able to post in here however everyone can read. Setup your one on one debate through Sapient via the contact forum.
112842 years 37 weeks ago
by Jeffrick
Discuss general science
90294323 weeks 6 days ago
by Beyond Saving
Global Warming/Peak Oil Crisis/Environmental Destruction/and more...
120172021 weeks 5 days ago
by Vastet
Aesthetics, Epistemology, Ethics, Logic, Metaphysics, and all other Philosophical discussion. Additional Psychology discussion!
502117189 weeks 3 days ago
by Vastet
Discuss the facts about evolution.
53164487 weeks 4 days ago
by Old Seer
Please introduce yourself in this forum.
433782510 weeks 6 days ago
by iwbiek
Post anything artistic here. Your favorite atheist poem, a new play that talks about religion, a musician that is blaspheming god, etc...
54153091 day 20 hours ago
by danatemporary
General News and activist projects.
1540162022 days 8 hours ago
by Vastet
Discuss politics, ANY politics! RRS has no political affiliation.
851170773 weeks 2 days ago
by Vastet
When it doesn't fit anywhere else, it fits here (it usually fits elsewhere). Please don't be surprised if posts here get moved to a more appropriate forum, without warning.
5980901047 hours 27 min ago
by Beyond Saving
Read about the radio show. Discuss general Rational Response Squad issues.
296606429 weeks 4 days ago
by Sapient
Letters to the Squad, Rook, Sapient, and Yellow #5 are addressed in this forum. Please feel free to jump in. Original e-mailers will be invited to join us here.
169211432 weeks 1 day ago
by Sapient
We don't have time to respond to all of our mail. We get so much of it. There are many intelligent people on this board who understand our position, this is your chance to shine. Respond for us!
22950562 years 31 weeks ago
by danatemporary
The home forum for all activity pertaining to Atheist Volunteers. Doing good in the name of atheism!
435332 years 39 weeks ago
by WhoHastBledUpon...
This forum is slowly being merged into other appropriate forums.
8376529 weeks 4 days ago
by digitalbeachbum
A forum for RRS affiliates. These are groups founded at the local level to help unite people with common goals.
412273 years 46 weeks ago
by Kapkao
A place to comment on various Rational Response Squad videos
21129 weeks 6 days ago
by Vastet
Suggest new guests, discuss past guests, speak with the guests and the musicians who appear on RRS.
11574127 weeks 5 days ago
by Sapient
Hang out with the hosts of BJ's and BS. Suggest guests, ask questions, find out more about the show all in this forum. This forum also serves as the home base for The Rational Redneck Hour, The Did I Think That or Say That Show, and The Silky Shrew Sex Show.
501664 years 21 weeks ago
by beardedinlair
If it just doesn't deserve to be mingling amongst our more intellectual posts it goes here. Gold members can edit posts, trolls can only post here, anonymous users can post, mods and gold members hold hammers. This place is war meets soapbox... or is that soap opera?
178612621 weeks 1 day ago
by Vastet
A forum in which only board leadership can post important topics.
Rational Squad Alerts
5526043 years 14 weeks ago
by digitalbeachbum