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Can I just be honest with you guys? There have been two big issues with the talk that hav been driving me crazy. I feel the need to vindicate myself.

 1) We got into a huge debate about the meaning of the word Theodicy. The manner in which I was attempting to use the using the word was not normal usage but was correct. The word Theodicy literally means the Justification of God. I'll admit that the usage of the word was probably uncalled for, but honestly I really don't feel that I was wrong in using the word. 

2) The theory I wanted to talk about with at the end was not Presuppositionalism. I had wanted to talk about Reformed Epistemology (which deals with justification for belief hence the use of Theodicy). There is a huge difference between the two and I wish you guys had listened to me. 

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Frank J. Tipler

Who, right?

 This guy is a physics professor from tulane who wrote a book called The Physics of Christianity where he claims that physics can prove God exists and the miracles of Jesus. Sounds like it could make for an interesting discussion. Here's the discussion from atheistforums where this was brought up:


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Guest Suggestion: Greg Graffin

Graffin's new book

Singer/songwriter Greg Graffin of Bad Religion should be a guest on the show. In addition to a 27 year long career as an icon in the punk rock scene, Graffin has managed to earn his PhD in Zoology from Cornell University... his PhD project is called The Cornell Evolution Project and it deals with how evolutionary scientists around the world perceive conflict between science and religion, and if religious themselves, how they reconcile that religion with their own scientific training.

 A book also came out recently, Is Belief in God Good, Bad or Irrelevant?: A Professor And a Punk Rocker Discuss Science, Religion, Naturalism & Christianity, in which Graffin and Preston Jones, a professor at a small Christian college, debate naturalism vs. theism in a series of emails. The book is readable to the layman and is a very cordial discussion.

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Suggestion: Eddy Vedder

I don't know if you ever got him on your show, or if he's too big or whatever, but Eddy Vedder of Pearl Jam would be an excellent guest to have on the show.

Atheist Hip Hop and Weed

Love hip hop; love atheism; don't love weed.  The atheist hip hop I have heard has spoken almost as much about weed as it has atheism.  I don't see the link, and am very turned off to any rapper who tries to tie the two together.  Obviously there has gotta be atheist hip hop that doesn't have anything to do with weed, and I have probably just been listening to the wrong stuff.

Any suggestions?  Cool

Dan Barker

His Wife Annie Laurie was a great guest early on and he would be a great one to promote the FFRF (and maybe promote the RRS in Freethought Today!)

JP Holding

I recently recieved emails from both atheismsucks (on myspace), and a reply from JP Holding on the possibility of a debate. Why can't RRS make this happen?

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This guy has some very funny spoofs. Here are some of his videos:

The Trinity

Adam and Eve

Prayer Works!

Christians Don't Use Circular Logic 

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Writers at Triablogue

From what I've seen of their work on the blog they seem fairly educated in the Christian world view and you could perhaps do a 3 on 3 or 4 on 4 because you feel your strength lies within your team.

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John Frame

Also a strong poponent of TAG he differs in his view on evidential apologetics and his knowledge on the matter of defending can be seen in his online dialogue with Michael Martin and should also serve as a challenge for the squad.

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