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Idea for a guest... the infamous Jason Gastrich

How about you guys interviewing the pop-evangelist Jason Gastrich? His msn addy is and you could probably skype call him or get his number when he is on msn.

Musical Prodigy- Amanda Bloom- exposing theism, on the show!

I met Amanda Bloom on myspace and we have become friends rather quickly. We have similar stories and similar dreams. Like my mother, she too has a family member that is completely lost in a world of Christianity. She also exposes the lunacy in theistic belief in her art. An amazing voice, a brilliant talent on the piano, and a focus on nothing less than perfection... I predict Amanda will be a huge star. She also happens to be one of our shows biggest fans, so obviously she has great taste in radio as well. Eye-wink

Her song Magdalene is available for download only to registered members of this site! Visit the "Downloads" section now!

Evolution Rocks, by Overman (appearing on show)

Hello. We are Overman. Overman is a four piece band from the great suburbia that is Chicagoland. Overman is Russell Eggenburger, Nate Schmidt, Aaron Kelly, and Matt Radowski. Overman sounds like FUN. Overman calls its music OVERALL because it entertains many different styles and types of DIFFERENT MUSICAL CULTURES and integrates them into a POP format in order to (a) express themselves artistically (b) get girls and money. Overman is attractive young white males and will have little girls screaming loud at our concerts and staring longingly at the posters of our beautiful faces and hips on their bedroom walls/bathroom mirrors. Overman is very cool modern adults who will talk to a generation which lacks a MAJOR VOICE about dealing with life in a post college construction worker job indebt where/who/what am I/should I think world. Overman is wise on human small and worldly views and writes songs in such a fashion that they will BRIDGE GENERATION GAPS of fans that love the Beatles and hate Nirvana with fans that love Nirvana but hate the Beatles. Overman will have many old soulful figures at their concerts due to their ability to write/perform some of THE BEST BLUES SONGS OF ALL TIME. Overman will be very active in the skeptic community and will gain fame in the IVORY TOWER as teachers will press us on their students in hopes that they get BETTER GRADES. Overman has very good songs for massive radio airplay. It is possible that they would have SIX SONGS PLAYING ON SIX radio stations at the same time to reach all of the aforementioned population. Overman will be known as one of the best live shows available and will attract celebrities to our events/parties.

Hip Hop and Spoken Word activist - Jared Paul

Jared Paul is a social worker and from Providence, RI. In 2004 after years of local and national performances Jared traveled the U.S. on the 32 venue DIY Fight The Tide Tour registering poets in various spoken word communities to vote and raise awareness about voter fraud. The tour was swallowed and redirected when it met up with the Sage Francis FUCK CLEAR CHANNEL TOUR featuring Grand Buffet and Mac Lethal in South Carolina. Jared stayed with the FCC tour for an additional 20 dates, helping to register over a thousand people to vote, and assisted in spreading the word about the danger?s of the corrupt, money driven, and community destroying media ownership empire ?Clear Channel.? Jared was next enlisted as a featured hip hop/spoken word act for all 40 date?s on Sage Francis?s 2005 ?A Health Distrust Tour.? He has opened for Saul Williams and Sole, and played on the same bill as Atmosphere and Immortal Technique.

Hip Hop Musician 'Proclaim' artist spotlight

Hip Hop Musician "Proclaim" will appear on an upcoming episode of the Rational Response Squad. We'll air "Brainwashed" and "Wake Up!" both hip-hop songs with strong undertones of critical thought and atheism. Proclaim will discuss with the squad the normally strong undertones of Christianity in hip-hop.

Here is his myspace page

From Proclaims' Myspace Page wrote:

I've been a deeply involved fan and critic of music my whole life. I grew up in the East Los Angeles Montebello area and in my adolescence became involved with the intricately rooted gang-culture that has existed there for many generations. In my younger years I suppose I was more akin to the gangster rap themes of the Death Row era probably because it was the lifestlye I was living and foolishly glorified. I thought about emceeing myself, but just I couldn't, on good conscience, rhyme about such negative and degenerating topics. At the time, probably due to my geographic location, I knew nothing of the truly positive roots of Hip Hop nor did I know anyone who knew anything about it. I never really got into the historically positive and thoroughly meaningful side of Hip Hop until I went to college. There that I learned of the post-modern day contemporary artists that represent the fundamentals of Hip Hop culture. With inspiration from these artists (most notably 2pac, Common, Nas, Gangstarr), I decided to pick up the mic myself and make a conscience contribution to the culture of Hip Hop we live in daily. I've been emceeing seriously now for about 3 years, djaying about 2.5 and making beats for about 1.5. In addition to graduating from college this past June with two B.A. degrees in Psychology and Philosophy, I was also able to produce my own debut demo EP titled "Tha BRoKeN ThouGhTs and Borrrowed Sounds Demo EP," that was all recorded right in my living room with no outside aid whatsoever! It's title represents the fact that I basically borrowed certain beats unbeknowst from some of my favorite producers in the game as well as some of my own personally created beats, and then molded and forged my previously written songs to them. Why did I do this? I suppose just 4 fun and cuz I grew attached to performing the songs I had written to these beats so I just recorded them myself to have a demo product to sell to my friends and fans. I am currently hard at work at producing my first full-length album with all original beats from myself and other producers that will be out next year. My demo EP has yet to be majorly released and I'm basically just selling copies of it at for 7$ paid to for anyone who wants to purchase one. I need to sell them to pay my rent, feed my face, make more music, and basically just survive. I'm a struggling independant artist right now and need all the help I get whether its money, beats, networking, artwork, chicken wings...whatever! I'm just trying to make music for real people and make a living myself doing so and will do whatever is necessary to keep on doin it with a vengance. I want to thank all the real hip hop heads, fans, friends, grass roots organizers, and free thinkers who have stopped to take a listen and help out in anyway you can. Let's keep this culture alive and keep bumping dat funky HiP HoP MuSIC...peace and love to all! the almighteeeee muuuthaaaphuukkiinnnn PRooooCLaaaaaiiiiiMMMM!!!!!!

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