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If you would like to donate some cash to help keep Rational Responders large and in charge, click on the donate button below. You can donate any amount, from $1 to billions and billions.

If you would like to advertise a service or let your donation be known, please follow the directions below:

Please be sure to let us know what link and text you would like to be shown in our "Largest Donations" block by specifying it in the options box during the Paypal payment process. If you want to remain anonymous please specify so. We'll store the 10 largest one time donations of all time in the block (currently $501 and more). This is a great way to support the squad and link to your site. The "Largest Donations" box will appear over 500,000 times per month, possibly much, much, more. The higher the donation, the longer you'll remain in the top ten. Thanks so much to all of our supporters, we are grateful.


It could take up to 48 hours for your name to appear on the list.


Atheist Books, purchases on Amazon support the Rational Response Squad server.