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Do you want to be on the show? If so, why? Let us know.

We get requests all the time from people who want to be on the show. The requests range from atheist that wants to tell a deconversion story to Christian who wants to debate us. Requests also range from people who want to be on the show for one minute to people who would require an hour. We get so many requests that it's hard to keep track of them all. This is a great problem to have obviously, we wont run out of material.

Let this thread serve as an open forum to introduce yourself and tell us why you want to be on the show. Please link us to your website as well.

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Doug Stanhope

Doug Stanhope would be an amazing guest to have on the show or to get a video interview. If you don't know Doug Stanhope he is an atheist & Libertarian comedian.

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Rev. Oglethorpe's Prayer

I have been searching endlessly for the 'prayer' that Rev. Oglethorpe says at the end of the 4th show, but to no avail...does anyone have that prayer in writing?

DZK: Bow Down and Pray

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Jesus and His Dad by Proclaim (video)



Has anyone heard John R. Butler?

I just recently came accross this on YouTube.


I think that this guy should be on the Response Squad.


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Rook Hawkins LIVE Lecture (8/20/08)

Ken Bronstein of New York City Atheists is coming back down to the RRS bunker to record Rook Hawkins in the RRS studio giving his presentation for his NYCA Television Show.  We will broadcast the show live through stickam between 12pm and 2:30pm EST.  The lecture will be recorded and re-aired for the show tonight. 

To watch and listen in, click here

Rook's presentation will be on this subject material.

Videos on RRS

  Why are there videos of Greydon Square on this web site.


David Mills on Freethought Radio 7/12/08

David Mills will be the guest on FFRF's  Freethought radio tomorrow. If you live somewhere where Air America comes it it should be on there (1 - 2 pm EDT most places.) You can also listen to the stream live at

You can also wait for the podcast to come out (usually Monday afternoon) and either get it on iTunes or download from the FFRF's site.

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New Show 6/18/08! Dennis R. MacDonald!

This week, Dennis R. MacDonald will appear on the show to discuss some of his new projects and the historical Jesus, along with how the Gospel authors utilized Homeric epic as models for their construction of their narratives of Jesus.  He has written many books, including my personal favorites, The Homeric Epics and the Gospel of Mark and Does the New Testament Imitate Homer?, both of which are excellent. (And you can purchase them using the link to our Amazon story to the left) Eye-wink

Tune in at 8pm EST in our stickam room to hear this compelling scholar discuss these books, Jesus, and more! 

Now is the time to ask any questions you have for Dennis here and the best of which will be asked on the show.

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