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Guest suggestion: Father Peter Bowes

Father Peter Bowes is an ordained priest, who addresses viewers' questions via youtube. He's pretty popular online and on tours. He seems like a reasonable, if not rational guest. Laughing out loud

His YouTube site
His home site

A sample video:
Father Peter On: Natural Disasters and World Events

Doomsday Talk Radio

Pastor Harry was on Weird US for his ideas on Santa and has a internet radio show about, guess what, doomsday. link

The site is crap and it all seems out there, but the guy behind it might be the right guest for the right kind of show. He doesn't seem to really address atheist or proof for a god, but what caught my eye was what he said about Santa. He feels the Santa lie is satanic and "A SERIOUS SIN THAT WILL KEEP YOU FROM HEAVEN UNLESS YOU REPENT AND PRACTICE THE TRUTH OF HIS GOSPEL." (straight from the site btw...) He wants to start a new tradition at Christmas as well... Burning an "ritual effigy doll" of Santa.

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Hip hop/rap battle...

Maybe the Rational Response Squad should get Proclaim, Tha Truth, and Mr Gawn to debate some religous rappers, possibly some that are being advertised by sword radio.... And at the end, start a freestyle battle....

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Guest Suggestion - Gary Lenaire

I have a guest request. Gary Lenaire is a former Christian Metal musician turned freethinker. He has a new book out about his deconversion. His myspace is here:

Guest suggestion - Bill DeArmond

He wrote a book I read last week called "Serving Compassionate Conservatives - Why the Christian Taliban is More of a Threat to American Freedom than Islamic Fundamentalists." It was suggested in Freethought Today. Not sure if he's an atheist, but he used to be a Republican, but left because of the extreme religious right. And there is a chapter about how the Bible certainly isn't literally true. The book isn't available at Amazon or most bookstores. You can get it at that site, though.

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Guest Suggestion: Evan Fales

The Philosophy Society at my school invited Professor Fales to give three lectures this past week. One of them was very interesting, it was entitled: "Intellegent Design, and the Dover Trial." What professor Fales argued was that the judges ruling that I.D isn't science was correct, but that it was based on faulty reasoning. Professor Fales thinks that I.D could be principle, it is just a matter of fact that it isn't. While Professor Fales thinks it is highly improbable that I.D could ever be part of science, he is open to the possibility. For example, he gave a senerio in which one would be justified in infering a supernatural cause: if one day the stars rearanged themselves in such a way to form sentences from a natural language, say English. In this respect, he argues, that not only is a law of nature being broken, but there must be a great deal of power and intellegence to do such a feet.

Guest Suggestion: Jason Yeldell (Rational Atheist and Author of A Call to Sanity)


I recently read a book by a young new author by the name of Jason Yeldell. I also watched him give a lecture on Atheism and the taboo of the African American Atheist at Ramapo College NJ.

He currently tours the college circuit and does radio.

I think he would an excellent guest on one of your shows..

his website is

from his site:

[i]Jason Scott Yeldell is a Biologist and Evolutionist by degree and a science teacher and writer by avocation.

Mr. Yeldell's childhood fascination with dinosaurs and nature proved to be the necessary beginning to him championing rational thought and logic over theology, pseudo science, a supernatural realm and superstition to this day.

Guest suggestion - Kristin Lems

I would like to suggest her as a guest. She is a feminist/freethought singer. She has sung with Dan Barker already (and by herself) on some of Dan Barkers CD's. One of the songs she did solo is called "Days of the Theocracy" I put a link to where you can download it - it's the 3rd song - click on the name (or right click to save the file.)

Youth Minister

I'm listening to show # 31 right now. It's hilarious. This guy gives the same tired old arguments we all have heard 50million times before. And it seems he slowly gets angrier and angrier.

New shows

Since we got to the last of the shows, I want to know what's next. I'm ready to order! Smiling

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