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Michael Butler

He was the protege of the late Dr. Greg Bahnsen the strongest poponent of the transcendental argument of the existence of God. Even though he is not the best in theology his use of TAG seems very sound and should serve as a challenge.

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Me: Presup

I would very much like to come on the show and have a dialogue with you all and we could exchange arguements and see who's world view is more rational. Contanct me at [email protected]

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Guest Suggestion: Marlene Winell, Author of Leaving the Fold

Here's her website:

And a link to her book:


trent reznor

if you could get him i think itd be awesome if trent reznor came on here

How about Deicides Glenn Benton?

I know that guys like Proclaim, and Greydon Square generate a lot of buzz with RRS members, and I totally dig what they do even as a metal head!  But as far as music is concerned, metal has always been on the frontlines of fighting theism!  Why not get someone like Glenn Benton from Deicide on the show?!?



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Guest Suggestion: PZ Myers

Have you ever had PZ Myers from Pharyngula on your show? If not I think you should invite him on. He knows his shit and is great fun to talk to. We had him on the Hellbound Alleee show last year and it was a great episode.

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Hank Hanegraaff

Hank Hanegraaff is a Christian apologist who does the Bible Answer Man radio show. I think it would be very entertaining for him to be on the RRS. I have a feeling that he'll think he's above doing your show. His website is

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Guest Suggestion: Chris Hedges, Author of American Fascists

He's a moderate Christian.  I think it would be an interesting dynamic.

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Phil Donahue

Phil Donahue was among the first news programs or talk shows to have Madalyn Murray O'Hair as a guest. He has been outspoken about being an atheist. He is worth having as a guest for simply being a pioneer of the interview/talk format.

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Randy Newman

The composer and musician Randy Newman has been vocal about being an atheist. He's included it in some of his songs.

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