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Any help ID'ing this song?

I heard just a bit from a song the RRS was playing the other day and would like to find the artist/purchase the song but no one seems to recall the artist or title.

If anyone can help with this I would greatly appreciate it. I know this is kinda vague but it began something like "this sounds like Christian rock/ which is faggy and makes me want to worship Satan and his whole family..."

An avalanche of advance thanks to anyone who can help.


E in A 


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May I make a suggestion?

First to RRS, I'd like to complement you guys and the variety of content you seem to be constantly airing. Is this a test or is this airing of content going to air 24/7?

I was wondering since sometimes I hear clips or people or music I dont know about, would it be possible to put a playlist up so we know what is airing in case we want to look it up outside the feed?

And I am also wondering if others can do pre recorded shows and have them put in rotation?  

It is great to hear everything from Ranting Griffen to your clips to Graydon and others. Thanks.  

Bill Morgan

This guy was a guest way back on show #9. He was on the coast to coast am show last night. He's pretty much a total moron. I didn't remember he was a guest and was going to recommend him until I saw from the link on the coast to coast site and realized he owned the site. He did pretty much get pwned on here, but of course that wasn't something he mentioned! Laughing out loud

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Atheist Musicians 


Check out my songs tell me what you think the video of 'The Passion' is the most direct but also the demo of my absent god on there.

My new album will contain more songs like this though i sing about other stuff too. But often when I play live I get weird looks for my lyrics because they are opposing religion. Any other musicians get a similar response?

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Guest suggestion: George Hrab

He is a great skeptic, musician, he had a radio show and now does a podcast. He is quite hilarious  and entertaining. The name of his podcast is 'Geologic' but really has nothing to do with geology, it is a combination of his first name and the word 'logic'. 

Non-Religious Irrational person

How about debating someone who holds a non-religious irrational belief, such as astrology, numerology, etc.?

Possible ideas: Sylvia Browne, One of those guys who can talk to dead people or the author(s) of "The Secret."

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Steve Wells

Steve Wells from the Skeptic's Annotated Bible. (You can also check out his blog.)

What do you guys think?

Guest suggestions


I just have a few suggestions for guests (theists) that I think would provide for much more interesting and stimulating conversation than people like Ergun Caner or the completely non-sensical Way of the Master guys.  Here's who I'd love to hear on the show (though who knows if they would actually be willing to do it or not):

Vinoth Ramachandra

Peter L Berger

Peter Kreeft

Rob Bell

John F Haught

Hans Kung 

I think all of these guys could probably provide for some good debate/dialogue.


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Guest suggestion: Tom Leykis

The RRS has accomplished getting Richard Dawkins on the show. Why not try for atheist talk show host Tom Leykis?


Guest suggestion

You've got to get this guy on the show. He's very angry and full of himself and makes dramatic videos consisting of lists of black-or-white, either-with-me-or-against-me style statements. Punctuated by periods. Lots of emphatic periods.

Watch his movies, you won't be disappointed, they're gold.

Sorry if you've seen this before but I couldn't find a forum search function to check (where is it ?).


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