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Pastor, Mayor, Internet Predator... look what religion gets you.

From the anals of, "religion makes you a better person" I bring you todays most loving Pastor... 



DIAMOND, Mo. -- A small-town mayor and pastor charged with enticing a child over the Internet called the investigating detective at home and asked him to stop the case.

Police Detective Jim Murray played a tape of the Wednesday phone call from Allen Kauffman, 63, to The Associated Press.

On the tape, Kauffman says he is begging for mercy and asks the detective to make the case go away.

At one point, Kauffman asks if the detective could "just take" the hard drive seized from Kauffman's home computer and not do anything with the evidence.

Kauffman, reached at home, confirmed to the AP that he had made the phone call but denied he was asking the detective to destroy evidence.

Kauffman was arrested Friday on four counts of felony enticement of a child in a sting orchestrated by Murray, who was posing online as a teenager from another southwest Missouri town. Kauffman is free on $50,000 bond.

My lawsuit with Uri Geller AND role reversal by James Randi

This post contains details on my lawsuit with Uri Geller along with a video and story at the bottom from James Randi...

"I’ll no longer say that I have supernatural powers. I am an entertainer. I want to do a good show. My entire character has changed." - Uri Geller

Along with the EFF I am currently "at court" with Uri Geller for filing a DMCA take down notice on a video that I have on my youtube channel. Today it has more than 1 million views. It can be seen here.

I am able to convey to you that which is on public record, and I can't answer most questions/comments you may have, so check the public record if you're interested.

Brian Flemming offers commentary on Sapient V Geller at the very early stages of all of this.

Where is your RRS money going today?

We haven't had the ability to record a radio show with an interview for quite a while now. We've been dealing with major audio issues that we can't seem to resolve, and a few people have asked why there aren't new downloads. While I would love to get back to our old show format with guests and interviews we have been spending quite a bit of time behind the scenes acting as a support force for a great many other atheists that need our help and our proud to align with us, and stand by our side. While we have consistently been available every Wednesday and Friday night at 8pm est to engage our chatroom and do what could be considered a show, we've been unable to get guests on due to the audio issue. We really appreciate the continued support from subscribers who recognize our mission is much bigger than providing you with a download. Everyday we work to help other atheist orgs that deserve the help and warrant the help. Today I feel great about my mission and without the loyal financial support of you folks this job would be one that I wouldn't be willing or able to spend the time on..........

Happy New Years! I bought us a server present today!

I just wanted to tell you folks we really appreciate the support. When we started this site we never imagined it would be a meeting ground for so many, build a site for Margaret Downey, adopt Jake's "," or become the most popular atheist website in America. We bought a new server today and will soon have a donate module for you to help us cover the costs if you want (the old chip in for that about to become defunct) . If you are a top 666,666 Alexa site and would like to come on our network, send me a message.

 Moves are being made to ensure we have room to grow and bring on websites of friends that we want to help like our friend Troy Conrad, Comedy Jesus. We have an ETA of April 1st at the latest to bring his site(s) on board. Every single one of our sites will be overhauled for the better. RRS will seek to be fully compliant in all of the leading browswers.... including IE!

Some content, extra features, and site functions will only be available to subscribers. For example subscribers get blogs, and several levels of private forums to access depending on subscription level. Consider subscribing to RRS now.

Here are the specs of the new and old server:


Defending RRS against uninformed haters on


Hemant Mehta, the Friendly Atheist posted a blog which supports our collective effort, as he's always done. His "friendly" community however had a bunch of comments that I have decided to respond to. I don't expect the "haters" to pick it up, but if you are someone that hears objections like these leveled at the RRS hopefully you'll take something away from it. I spoke to Hemant before I wrote this, asking if it was ok that I responded at length on my own site, he approved of the idea and suggested he would repost it, although I won't hold him to it due to it's length and it's lack of friendliness. Sticking out tongue

Ranting defense of RRS and some positive comments about us


Recently an atheist blogger asked his audience what they thought of The Rational Response Squad. Now I recognize and expect for about half of the atheist community to disagree with us. I think that's a good thing. I do however find it ironic that people who disagree with us rarely take the time to find out that we think a passive atheist is needed as well. We wish we could be the passive atheist, and it's only after many years of experience in this realm (and being the passive atheist for a while) that we decided a more blunt approach from a few intellectuals is necessary and vital. We recognized this niche wasn't being filled properly and have fallen into it quite nicely. When we started our group we envisioned it as a jump off point for strident ideas. We envisioned ourselves as a united front of people who agree that religion must go, and that our collective activist power would be strong enough to actually make an impact on a wider front, this was the "Squad" aspect we were hoping for. We see ourselves as the people who shake up those comfortable with irrational beliefs, a passive atheist can spend compassionate dialogue time helping the theist overcome religion, and will have a more receptive candidate after the individual was "shaken up" a bit. However it is entirely possible that the passive atheist will have little chance to help a friend overcome theism if that friend never had the RRS "shake up."

Restoring lost content, determination

How determined are you?

I'm not posting long, just wanted you to take note of the restored content from Kelly, myself, andthe rationalresponsesquad account. Kelly and I are working hard. She's been up 48 hours and wont last much longer. I tried to relax a little yesterday so I could come back refreshed (she relaxed during her sick time on Christmas day). Yes we get a little downtime, but we bust our ass, day and night, nothing deters us. We fight the good fight, and don't let setbacks get us too down. We are determined and relentless. We think this is a quality we all should embrace. Do you?

As far as I know, I'm not actually Satan

Because of this, and the obvious idiocy that plagues a large base of listeners from I am pulling our ad there for good. Initially, I thought some of the conspiracy theory crowd would enjoy a good "religion is bullshit and takes over the world" conspiracy. I do not, however, wish to bring in people who are this crazy...

Kelly at ya throat.

"I think instead of doing the introduction paragraph I might go straight for the throat this time." - Kelly (sitting next to me as she's two paragraphs in to her next blog)

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