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A ton of work was done behind the scenes today. One of the items I'm proud to report on is that RDF has accepted my suggestion to make the "A" logo from the Richard Dawkins OutCampaign one that can be used by anyone to sell shirts that would enable atheists to "out" themselves. Profit made from sales of your own "A" shirt creations would be your own.

The Rational Response Squad store will have "A" shirts for sale soon, with RRS links and an rdf link on each shirt. will probably have them, too. I encourage every atheist vendor to sell these shirts and hope that others will sell them, as well. Please purchase the shirts from an atheist organization that you support, so that they will receive the valuable funds needed to maintain their organizations. Please alert your favorite organization to this new information.

There will be an official statement as to any rules soon coming from the outcampaign site. I suggested that all atheist organizations should sell the shirts for the same price of $20. I hope that they write about this soon.


Radar magazine upgraded our article to a homepage story today. (right sidebar, about half way down)

Hey, Atheists! It's a Goddamn Contest

Minding the Store

Hey, Atheists! It's a Goddamn Contest

Do you have a video camera, a healthy doubt about the existence of God, and a hunger for another copy of Radar? You may be in luck. MORE >>

AAI Videos, Dawkins, Downey, our Youtube

It's been a hectic morning, as usual. Jake is in town and we've spent several hours brainstorming and picking ourselves apart to become better at what we do. Our conversation has been stopped a few times to help handle a "situation" with videos that were posted on our RationalResponse Youtube Channel. The videos were removed at first due to the AAI videos that will be coming out for sale next month. I believe RDF was also licensed to make a dvd, and AAI didn't expect so much material to get onto youtube. So AAI asked for RDF who uses our youtube account to upload videos to pull the videos. They complied swiftly.

Things you can do to help us grow, and what I'm doing (long)

Technorati Profile

Blog or Digg our post on Digg which mentions our new video site, the first of its kind.

We (the RRS) have been working with Margaret Downey on the "atheist unity" thing, which includes helping other atheist organizations get exposure. We will be adding many new sites to our network and soon you'll be able to hop from site to site, leave comments, R.S.V.P. for events and participate in projects that embrace the goals and aims of The Rational Response Squad.

And, last week, was brought online.

Today we learned that Margaret's site has had around 3,000,000 hits. According to Alexa traffic ranking, this is extremely high... almost a million more than Greg Epstein (and dozens of other popular atheist sites) Greg Epstein!.

The IE warning will soon be on all of our sites, although it will be reduced in size... get Firefox with Google Toolbar now!!


Gizmo, FormerFollier first to win autographed copies

A Radar Magazine advertising confirmed with me today that if we can get 15 people to upload videos to youtube as we've asked, they'll supply the extra copies of the mag. The whole process could take a little while. We'll wait until we've awarded all 15 to send them out all at once.

The first two people to submit videos are Gizmo and Formerfollier, two of the hardest working activists out there, thanks guys!

Former Follier:

Kelly and I are going to Borders to see our story in Radar Magazine.

I'm in a rush, but I just wanted to tell you that the November issue of Radar Magazine has a three page story about us. The November issue should be available today at Borders Book Stores all over the US. You may want to call in advance to be sure that they have it. Barnes and Noble stocks it, but both stores we visited did not have the latest issue, and according to the store's computer, B&N didn't think they'd get it for another month. We think that was an error because Radar was previously published bi-monthly. Another user reports that a local Barnes and Noble stocks it. So... go to Borders today if you want the November issue in which our 3 page spread is shown. I hope that Kelly and I will be able to scan the article and show it to you (after it's no longer a current issue). Here's what they say on their site: Fame The No-God Squad How a scrappy band of heathens became a media sensation—and gave godlessness a fresh new face. By Richard Rys Radars online story simply links to the Blasphemy Challenge video... GREAT EXPOSURE FOR THE VIDEO!

Funny South Park edit for RRS vs WOTM

I stumbled upon a funny video tonight while cow tipping Way of the Master on the interwebs.

I think the creator supports us with the portrayal of the very rational question posed and the subtext "Rational Response Squad." I believe the editor of the video is someone who abandoned deism for atheism on a myspace group I was in regularly about a year ago. Nevertheless the South Park segment itself is hilarious. Funny rename of Way of the Retard... "Banana Design Squad."

My favorite activist of the day: Former Follier

Former Follier has been busting his ass this morning behind the scenes, helping to pull together a major scandal at Way of the Retard. Check out our sister site that he heads up:

Anyway, we've been corresponding for a few hours in IM, just working as usual, until Kelly reminded me that he's getting married today. Here is how that went...

[4:24:57 PM] Brian Sapient says: aren't you getting married today?
[4:39:33 PM] Former Follier says: Yeah. Just waiting for Amanda to get her hair done.

Anyway... Former Follier, like me, you don't stop. I applaud you, and Amanda for putting up with you. Sticking out tongue May both of you have a very happy life together, and may she allow you the space you need to help fix the world. Sticking out tongue

God will fuck you up

This song was originally uncovered by Susan very early on at the RRS message board. I just recently found a good video to go with it...

God doesn't like to be ignored. You better believe, or else! The songwriter's homepage:

Looking for 50 good men. (atheist activist call out)

Disclaimer: The title of this blog is a parody of "a few good men." It is in no way meant to lessen the effectiveness of female activists.
In the last year I have received hundreds of emails and comments from people asking how they can help. My suggestion was always to use our forums and participate in the projects that you see come up from time to time on our forums. For those who are curious, most issues of importance come up in our alerts section. Here is a feed to our alerts section for your RSS reader

Science is fun, breaking the sound barrier video

Bulldog, of our forums is using an avatar of a sonic boom. It reminded me that the sonic boom videos are some of my favorite. The first video I pulled up today had a nice scientific explanation.


"Join us as we look into the fascinating topic of supersonic travel and we examine the amazing phenomenon of sonic booms! Don't forget to visit":

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