Restoring lost content, determination

How determined are you?

I'm not posting long, just wanted you to take note of the restored content from Kelly, myself, andthe rationalresponsesquad account. Kelly and I are working hard. She's been up 48 hours and wont last much longer. I tried to relax a little yesterday so I could come back refreshed (she relaxed during her sick time on Christmas day). Yes we get a little downtime, but we bust our ass, day and night, nothing deters us. We fight the good fight, and don't let setbacks get us too down. We are determined and relentless. We think this is a quality we all should embrace. Do you?

 I know quite a few people that losing two weeks of important work would drive them crazy.  The approx. 300 people who registered accounts during that time no longer have accounts.  Things like this will happen.  One of the poor thnkers I was exposing before I left might think we deleted their posts and then tell their version of the story without all the details on another site, thereby making others think we deleted something.  The several pages we have online that are current and receiving hundreds of visits a day were all down (this is being replaced now), increasing a persons desire to leave the site.  Google adwords have been broken in a semi-related error/issue for 10 days, yada yada yada.  I know people who would sit in their bedroom for a month, grab the bottle, or the drugs, maybe the gun, contemplate existence, cry, beat themselves up over it, (another) yada yada yada.  Why?  Why waste the time?  You gonna make it all better by crying or pouting about it?  Determination can drive you (as in this case) to little restore the past.  So next time something gets you down, focus on your future, where you can go from here, what positive can you do for yourself... don't dwell on the negative.

 (theists reading this should correlate crying with prayer.  A weak atheist might cry for a few days a weak theist may pray for a few, and both of them are wasting the little time they get) 

If you are a gold or silver member as a personal thanks if you give me as many details as you can about any huge or very important post you made in the last two weeks that was lost, I can try to restore it for you. Please only alert me if it is of high importance and you are unable to do so yourself. Thanks for those subscribers who stick with us, who make our relentless determination against irrational bullshit possible.


Head Determined Janitor


P.S. Thanks to all the determined individuals helping us right now with everything.  And my apologies again that many of you lost important views.  Let's all move forward together from here. 

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Talk about a string of

Talk about a string of setbacks.  Kudos to you for working so hard in the face of so many problems.  I'm still embroiled in a mound of end of the year paperwork -- hopefully I'll be back at full swing on Jan 8.


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I'm sure no one is as

I'm sure no one is as frustrated as you guys must be.  It sucks that a lot of material was lost - it happens. 

I know how hard you guys work and appreciate it.

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I'M DETERMINED!!! I lost a

I'M DETERMINED!!! I lost a lot of posts/points, as many others did, but it doesn't touch the anguish and time that you and Kelly lost. You guys are great in these adverse conditions - talk about dedication and determination!!!

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Sapient wrote: A weak

Sapient wrote:

A weak atheist might cry for a few days a weak theist may pray for a few, and both of them are wasting the little time they get.

This line belongs on a coaster or poster or something... fucking awesome perspective! 

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RRS needs a good backup solution, even if it means downloading and saving the database by hand.

 Please contact me, I will help if needed

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I'm not trying to sound

I'm not trying to sound like a jerk. (says the jerk)

However, if we prize our words as much as they should be then we should also take action to be our own backups.

I spent a few hours reading cached pages on google and I can honestly say that the best, most interesting posts made within the last two weeks(that I saw) were from Kelly and she has restored the prix de la qualite of her recent work.

The more prolific posters do not rely solely upon the RRS servers to preserve their various and sundry diatribes. This includes me.

An occasional backup point should be all that is required in my opinion. Two recent weeks is a pittance compared to the massive amount of data and thrice answered questions on the whole of the RRS forums.

Best to move ahead and each of us learn to notepad their vociferous verbiage.

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