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Ayaan Hirsi Ali says she’s a Christian, a Rational Response

Ayaan Hirsi Ali says she’s a Christian, a Rational Response

We're building the Atheism United Library in Bihar, India

I've partnered with Humanist Global Charity to help vet recipients and have committed to donating $1,000 to help atheists in Africa and India. If you use Facebook, please share the message for me to help increase exposure for this important cause as we aim towards building "The Atheism United Library" in Bihar, India. 

Here's the Facebook post that I'm hoping you'll like and share. 


I'm concerned about the future of humanity

I'm increasingly concerned about the underwhelming steps we've taken to mitigate the risk of climate change.  We know that the fossil fuel industry owns the votes of many politicians by means of lobbying/bribery.  These politicians have sold out life on Earth in exchange for funds that ensure they stay in power. 

On November 6th we have a chance to elect candidates that are vocal about the threat of climate change and have plans to reduce the catastrophic impacts we will face if we don't do abundantly more.  This year I donated more to democratic candidates than all other elections combined in my life.  With the election of anti-EPA Trump we have taken a sad turn towards human extinction and it's imperative that we step up now before we spiral even further to our doom.  I isolated 80 races around America in which a donation can make a meaningful impact in the outcome of the race and I created an Act Blue fundraiser.  Please donate through this page and share the link on your social media sites to help encourage voters to elect leaders that value human life.

Orlando shooter was gay, World leaders fail to respond properly for the millionth time!

Many republicans #Drumpf included want to make sure the focus stays on "Islamic Extremism." There are now reports surfacing that Mateen was suppressing his homosexuality due to his religion. There is a lesson here that no politician will talk about and it's that religion is wrong. It's lies lead to repressing who you are, and in turn it makes you more stressed, irrational, and dangerous to yourself and others. We saw the same thing (and same lack of proper response) during the Priest fondling children scandals. They were repressing their human biology to the point that they became sick, irrational, and dangerous.

When politicians and world leaders start framing the discussion as what can we do to end religion, we will put one more foot on the right path to a peaceful world. They must start with an increased focus on critical thinking in our schools (and set a good example of this). From there we must be able to teach the history of religion in our schools while applying our critical thinking skills and allow our children to learn how we can determine that the gods our world believes in today are false. And finally from there, we must have an increased focus on science, including the big bang, abiogenesis, mitochondrial dna linking, and evolution. These topics must be looked at in depth, we must learn and understand them well.

Once our world leaders stop respecting religion and instead respect the people that have been brainwashed with bullshit we will have taken one giant leap for mankind.

Please donate to help us cover recent costs

If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter you know by now that last week we were hit with an intense DDoS attack.  I've created a fundraiser so that you can send hackers (likely religious) a message: Your attacks on RRS, Celebatheists, AtheismUnited and the other atheist sites we manage only serve to make us stronger.  

We incurred costs to mitigate the effects of a DDoS attack however there is more we can do.  Please show me that you have my back and chip in a few dollars.  It's the first time I've asked in 2 or 3 years.  

Donate via GiveForward

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My son sent this email to a prospective college emphasizing Christianity

My son just sent a letter to a prosepective University.  With a good idea that the school wasn't right for him based solely on it's emphasis of Christianity, he decided to air it out.  Here is a snippet of the letter....

A little victory against a squatter rationalresponders.blogspot

A couple of haters grabbed the blogspot address that corresponds with this site address.  It's recently come to my attention that Google has suspended the account.  I'm not sure of the reason, just that it is no longer available to use.  

This address used to be owned by Christian haters.  They used the site to tell misleading and usually dishonest interpretations of RRS.  Often they came up high in google because of name similarity.  Google took action.  Nice of them.

People get away with telling lies about people online because most people aren't going to go through the costs or effort of taking it to court.  We had built up tons of evidence to take that case to court and in the end I can only assume that submitting that info to google played a role in the name being taken away from the world.  

If anyone ever sees it become available, I'll offer you a reward to let me know about it.  I'll take you out to dinner when you come by Philadelphia.



Sorry our site was down for over 12 hours. Can you make a donation?

Our site goes down from time to time but we usually resolve it within an hour.  This time it was 12 hours. Sorry for any inconvenience, frustration, sadness, or depression that you dealt with as a result.  It lasted so long this time because was our amazing volunteer server admin was away from the computer.


It gives me a chance to be frank with you.  I hate doing fundraisers, as I want to believe that this site can be sustained on ad/amazon/subscriber revenue.  Many a months, it can.  RRS costs a few hundred dollars per month to operate and right now, we're not quite making that back.  Actually one of our awesome board members recently sent us our largest single donation of the year and it got us to about even.  

Another reason I haven't made a public request for donations in over 2 years is that I feel I let you down on the last public appeal for money to buy a server.  I assure you we got a new server to upgrade our sites to the next era of web utilization.  I am sorry I can't enjoy it's spoils with you quite yet.  I don't want to throw anyone under the bus, but for the most part it's delay was beyond my control.  I could have avoided it if I had 10-15k to spend on professional help. I don't work off a budget that large, we're dealing in hundreds here. 

This Winter Solstice buy stuff via our links to Amazon!

Want to help support online atheism while buying Grandmom a necklace for the Winter Solstice?  Shop at Amazon through our affiliate account!  This really works and it's a huge help.  This is a great way to help the cause while buying cool stuff.  The customer service at Amazon is incredible, they won't let you down. 

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