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Rumors about me answered on facebook

Hey folks, if you have facebook you might want to check my profile over the last few days.  I've spoken about Kelly and I breaking up for good about 3 weeks ago, and have recently started a dialogue addressing any rumors that people might have been convinced of over the last few years.  Generally when a claim was ridiculous I would ignore it as I deemed it as too stupid to respond to, however Rook persuaded me via phone tonight to answer my friends on any rumors that they were curious about.  I started the conversation on facebook because I wanted to see what actual fan/friends want to know about as opposed to the enemy types who just want to ruffle feathers.  A few questions were in fact asked, and I was rather thorough.  If the conversation continues well there, I'll likely post the relevant rumor answers on this site soon.

Here's the thread:

If you want to find me on facebook, look up "Brian Sapient" and send me a friend request.  If you are new to facebook or you have to wait for me to accept your friend request you can make a post below with your facebook name, if I recognize you from this site, I'll approve you.



An atheist, evangelist, born-again, and youth pastor enter a bar...

I don't have the joke yet.

An atheist, evangelist, born-again, and youth pastor enter a bar...  [YOU FINISH IT]

This weekend I'll be spending some time with an evangelist, born-again, and a youth pastor.  We'll likely not be discussing religion, although it could come up.  The situation seems like a joke I've heard before, or at least wish I had.  Is there a joke out there that could be edited slightly to fit the bios of the men?  Can you come up with a joke for it?  If your joke doesn't work in a bar, feel free to change the location.  

Hit me with your funny. 

Tree of Knowledge video

Responding to Stan Sheridan stating we are SO UNPROFESSIONAL

I received an email recently that illustrated an abnormally high amount of hypocrisy and illogical douchebaggery.  I will respond bit by bit below and then send a note to Stan so he can see how foolish he has made himself out to be. 

From: [email protected]
Sent: Friday, October 10, 2008 12:26 PM
Subject: [General Question] the dateline debate

stan sheridan sent a message using the contact form at

i wanted to state a quick evaluation of your presence on Dateline. 

The show was called "Nightline." 


Both of your parties, especially "Kelly" was SO UNPROFESSIONAL that I quickly decided that whatever you had to say, I was not interested in. 

How many of you play golf? (and my own brief golf story)

When I was younger I was a professional golf hopeful.  Of the roughly 30 matches I played in my high school career I was undefeated, and my first job out of school was at a well known golf learning center in my area.  This was the job that got me through the first year or two of my sons life, forgoing the end of college so that I could earn a living to support my little man.  I recognized around that time frame that if I were to be a golfer on any pro tour I would need to practice everyday in place of a career or family, and just accepted that turning pro would be too tough of a feat.  I dramatically reduced the amount of golf I played due to it's expense, and concentrated much more on work.  When I was 16 I was able to play 200-350 rounds of golf per year, by 25 I was lucky if I played twice per year. 

The original debaptism challenge

One of the projects we've been stewing is a debaptism challenge.  Ex-Priest Dr. Stephen Uhl has committed copies of his book Imagine No Superstition as prizes as we gather more info on how we want to run it.  While researching the idea I came upon this video series of a Sally Jessy Raphael episode from 1988 featuring the St. Louis Rationalists and a few fundies.  As for our own debaptism challenge, we're still a while away.  If anyone who participated in or led a debaptism with the St. Louis Rationalists is reading this please drop me a line, I'd like to have you on our radio show.

Check out this show, I think you'll enjoy. 



Just spent the first 4 hours of my day on dishonest Christians here on RRS

What is with the dishonest Christians? Today I wake up and have to deal with Joshua Ryan Dellinger and then another dishonest Christian who has gone by several names on our site: Voice of Reason, Bryan Cox, and Riverwind. When I say deal I mean "moderating."

Here's where you'll see the first character exposed:

For the record, Kelly and I have been doing this for a long time, while Joshua Ryan Dellinger didn't say he was a Christian, his argumentation resembles that of a Christian perfectly, and he's become a Christian pawn at the bare minimum.

The second character was exposed in a post by me on this page:

You win Christians... 4 hours of my day was just wasted researching and keeping dishonest people in check, when instead I could've been proactively fighting the concept of religion, instead of the personalities who embrace it. How ironic that your arguments almost beg us to deal with the concepts rather than the personalities. I'll try to find some solace in exposing you to others but it's not as useful to me as the 4 hours you stole... terrorists.


Check out Kelly in Dailykos, Rook on Atheist Viewpoint

Kelly is now featured on Dailykos:

The subject of Kelly's most recent blog is Marty Fields.  If you're viewing this thread while the post is still hot, google "Marty Fields" to see where the post comes up in google.  When I checked it was 7th, and the first listed refutation.  Marty Fields is posting in the thread as "Pastor McFly."

Today Rook taped with Ellen Johnson, President of American Atheists.  He's a guest on their TV show Atheist Viewpoint.  More details will be posted in this thread soon.



Rational Response Squad buys ad in Church section of newspaper!

Welcome aboard, readers of Bastrop Daily!

As you may know we've been advertising the Rational Response Squad anywhere we can find a good deal, and as the budget permits. This week because we initially hoped to have site upgrades working by today we had a few ads run in print newspapers through google ads. We've found a few surprisingly cheap ads, the ad below ran in the Louisiana Bastrop Daily Enterprise, Church Section. We didn't plan the juxtaposition of ads below but we love it...

Paper: "The popularity of religion as a whole may be in a slight decline here in America, but that certainly doesn't mean the Holy Book's reputation as being a perennial No. 1..."

RRS: "Religion is divisive and dangerous, it's time for us to stand up to it!"

We have been heard!


rational response squad church advertisement


Support the Rational Response Squad advertising campaign. This ad cost $8 for 6,000 readers.

View a large JPG of the Rational Response Squad ad in the Balstrop Daily Enterprise near a Bible article.

Faith site "sad" that Churches are dying

To the creators of:

Dear "the bad guys,"

We are winning. We are winning because we are more honest, our views are more solid, more logical, more reasonable, and more scientific. Your churches will die, we will continue to win. On your site you have a Church assistance program in which you help dying churches. You state on this page:


Sometimes churches die. It's sad, but it's true. Hundreds of churches in America will close their doors this year and sell their buildings because they cannot reach new people. It happens all the time.

But it doesn't have to happen to you.

Oh but it does need to happen, it should happen, and we're making it happen. If we hope to maximize the human potential we must start becoming more reliant on things we can prove rather than claims of faith. We must embrace science and discard all Churches, and not just the churches you aid and abet but also any other instutitution that embraces faith over reality.

Don't be sad that your churches will die, instead find a new line of work.

Here is some info on the issue from American Atheists

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