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James Randi: Of course I accept you

James Randi has come out of the closet at 81 years old.  

The original story is on his SWIFT blog, here is a portion...



Well, here goes. I really resent the term, but I use it because it’s recognized and accepted.

I’m gay.

From some seventy years of personal experience, I can tell you that there’s not much “gay” about being homosexual. For the first twenty years of my life, I had to live in the shadows, in a culture that was — at least outwardly — totally hostile to any hint of that variation of life-style. At no time did I choose to adopt any protective coloration, though; my cultivation of an abundant beard was not at all a deception, but part of my costume as a conjuror.

Let's work together to promote the atheist heroes of the week

I want to extend my congratulations to the Atheist Agenda students The University of Texas at San Antonio.  They put themselves on the line in public to raise awareness. Much like the Blasphemy Challenge they have found a way to be controversial thereby grabbing attention and literally forcing theists to think.  I should bring you up to speed if you're not familiar.  Over the last few days Atheist Agenda students have gathered on campus with magazines and books of various types of pornography and offered to swap any holy book for some porn.  The campaign is called smut for smut.  

Happy New Year!

We've gone around the sun again!  Just like we do everyday (see my follow up post if you're not following)... but I wont be a debbie downer... Happy New Year!!


I hope everyone gets what they want out of this coming year.  What resolutions will you be making?  What resolutions do you think you'll give up on in 2 weeks?




Live Video Chat Party December 25th

On December 25th I will maintain a tradition I started a few years ago, celebrating Christmas day with nonbelievers via webcam, and you're invited!  I'll be joined by longtime RRS moderator and friend Shaunphilly and his girlfriend Seana, who was a Christian before she met Shaun.  Christmas can be a depressing day if you're a non-believer, especially if you feel alienated or unwelcome at festivities of a more religious nature.  We look forward to bringing together a large group of non-believers who want to hang out, blaspheme, and exchange stories of our religious past.  This is a gathering in both live text form and video format.  We encourage you to hook up your webcam as we can have up to 6 people on webcam at once.  Christians are welcome to visit as well!  

You'll need an account with If you don't have one, get it now.  It's free!  

The party will happen in this room:

Purpose of Christmas response begins (also Ray Comfort the liar)

I've got two new posts up tonight, the first is my opening shot at Pastor Rick Warren and The Purpose of Christmas.  

The second post is long overdue and is a summation covering the Ray Comfort plagiarism in his Origin of Species bullshit.

My opening post here about The Purpose of Christmas is here.

The RRS thread on Comfort plagiarizing is here.


I turned off commenting for this blog post.  If you want to post comments, please do so at The Purpose of Christmas or WOTMwatchdog.  


Denialism: How Irrational Thinking Hinders Scientific Progress, Harms the Planet, and Threatens Our Lives.

I found the recent appearance of Michael Specter on The Daily Show to have quite a few correlations to the efforts of atheists to help humanity abandon our unscientific religious past. 

I bought my winter gift to myself...

Do you do that?  Do you buy yourself a gift during the Christmas season and call it a Solstice gift or a Saturnalia gift?  Whatever you call it... do you do it?  And if so, what are you getting for yourself this year? 

I haven't bought any new books in a while, and decided to get a few good deals off my wish list.  I was able to buy books used for a huge discount.  Check these deals out...

Erecting the 2009 Tree of Knowledge

I held an umbrella today over Margaret Downey as she put atheist book covers on the Tree of Knowledge.  A display outside of the West Chester County Courthouse in their Free Speech zone.  Here is a list of the books on the Tree of Knowledge.  Enjoy the video and photos.  


Black Friday - Cyber Monday shopping with Amazon (RRS gets extra too!)

Amazon just sent me word that of a special deal to pass on to you.  As an amazon associate I'm getting a bonus this weekend for your purchases, through the end of shopping on Monday.  You're also getting more discounts.  Amazon has tons of black friday - cyber monday deals and they're all available here: Black Friday - Cyber Monday Amazon Shopping to support RRS



RationalResponse Youtube Account Back

It's with sorrow and sadness that I announce the Rational Response Youtube account is back online.  In the years of my atheist activism I've never had the pleasure of working with a more frustrating and horribly run company.  It's often seemed to me as if they have 4 employees, 3 of which have their heads up their ass, and the 4th is measuring how far they managed to insert it.  I'd sit here and tell you the stories, but why relive the pain.  Nevertheless a few people asked for our youtube account to be back online, so I've been working on it since October 11th, and they finally managed to do what by law was supposed to be done by October 25th.  I have no plans to upload another video to that account, however it's likely that I will at some point.  I deleted a few videos that I felt were less relevant, and upon seeing some of these videos for the first time in months realized I would prefer to not come off quite as harsh.  Not that I don't think we shouldn't be mocking and laughing at religion, I would like to do it with a slightly more calm demeanor if I can.  Which of course remains to be seen.  

I've decided to put together a little playlist of the videos I'd most want someone to see if they've never seen any of the videos on our youtube account before.  

In Rationality,

Brian Sapient


Here they are... 

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