Where is your RRS money going today?

We haven't had the ability to record a radio show with an interview for quite a while now. We've been dealing with major audio issues that we can't seem to resolve, and a few people have asked why there aren't new downloads. While I would love to get back to our old show format with guests and interviews we have been spending quite a bit of time behind the scenes acting as a support force for a great many other atheists that need our help and our proud to align with us, and stand by our side. While we have consistently been available every Wednesday and Friday night at 8pm est to engage our chatroom and do what could be considered a show, we've been unable to get guests on due to the audio issue. We really appreciate the continued support from subscribers who recognize our mission is much bigger than providing you with a download. Everyday we work to help other atheist orgs that deserve the help and warrant the help. Today I feel great about my mission and without the loyal financial support of you folks this job would be one that I wouldn't be willing or able to spend the time on..........

Our long time supporters (since day one) www.evolvefish.com have asked us if we would inspect their operation in an effort to make improvements, enhancing their ability to generate revenue. The "atheist business" isn't a lucrative one. The owners of evolvefish don't take an income, I needed to take $18,000 out of life savings in order to keep RRS afloat this year. When we formed the squad we viewed it as a means to unite activists that felt similar to us, to leverage our buying power, our vocal power, and our activist power. I really do look at myself as someone that atheist leaders can call on for free assistance, and I'm more than willing to dole it out when the arrangement is mutually beneficial but more importantly beneficial to the cause of spreading rational thought and critical inquiry. I have always been in love with Evolve Fish as a company. In fact a big reason why we don't have a full fledged atheist product store is because I'd rather see evolvefish excel in this area, while I focus on other areas. Today I have an extreme amount of satisfaction, happiness, and excitement running through my veins.

The owners of evolvefish.com have called on me to help maximize their efficiency and the way they do business, and as a long time sponsor, there isn't anyone more worthy of the support. I'm reluctant to give too many details as the nature of the business relies in part on who deserves to be promoted, and I assure you that not only is their customer service top notch but their product lineup is extensive, their desire to simply spread the word is commendable and my desire to help them is immense. I am so glad they called on me today and spoke with me as to how they're org is run and that I was able to assist them in implementing some new ideas that can help them thrive. If it wasn't for the support of this community I would be at a full time job, doing this as a part timer and would not have the time to help an organization like evolvefish, that is so vitally important to spreading the word.

With that said and without releasing specific company details, I am happy to report that upon first glance it seems as if I will easily be able to save evolvefish.com $400-$800 per month, and hopefully along with that increase sales at their company. Additionally it seems as if we will be able to work together in such a way where as they would be able to be a shipping house for sales of products from our site, like for example the Greydon Square CD. It's a great feeling to not only help a business like evolvefish but to know that they'd return the favor. My assistance today will run about 8 hours and I will not have to bill them for my time. I hope that you as a community are happy to support such work. You as a community should be content in knowing that today my energy will be spent maximizing the ability for evolvefish to stay in business (which has had growth in every year except for the last two).

People often ask where their money goes when they donate. You're money goes to many different things. It gives Kelly the ability to take two weeks off of work (she'll be returning tonight) so that she can focus on her blog project which yesterday resulted in a monumental 10,000+ unique visitors and a complete anhilitation of every single blog pertaining to religion on the planet. It gives Rook time to focus on a book that will give us a new look at why Jesus Christ never needed to exist in order for Christianity to come about, and it gives me the ability to coordinate and give beneficial ideas to atheist leaders that call on my creativity to help enhance their site, their operation. Assisting others in this way is the best thing I can ever do for our common goal. Not only am I thrilled to be able to help Evolvefish maximize every dollar over the long term, but I'm so extremely content to be able to help them do so without the need to ask for a consulting fee... and it's all because of you. You the user who visits our site, posts on our site, and donates to our site or efforts, I can't thank you enough. Please understand that when you don't see us generating content, it may just be because we are offering free assistance to those who deserve it, to those outside of the RRS who we'd all agree need to be in action. Your donations don't just get you a downloadable show, they also get you a thriving freethought community in so many areas, that for semi-obvious reasons we can't or won't even talk about.

Thanks so much to those who understand this, who support this, and who are behind the grass roots activism that we are involved in. I can't express how happy it makes me to know that within 12 hours I will be able to help institute a few changes that will streamline such an important atheist business: www.evolvefish.com

If you've never checked them out, today is a great day to start. If you like the fact that subscribers to this community are part of helping so many others outside of this community please consider subscribing or donating... or just get something at evolvefish. Eye-wink Afterall, it's all the same thing... it really is.


P.S.  forgive any grammar errors, spelling errors, or redundancy.  I'm excited, and looking forward to getting right to work on what I need to do to help them save money and gain new traffic/customers at the same time so I wrote this very fast.  On my wayyyyyyyyyyyy.....................


Oh almost forgot.... if you don't think spending 12 hours to save an important freethought store $5,000-$10,000 per year is a good use of time, promptly click the "x" button at top of page rather than the "add new comment" button.  Thanks!


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Thanks sapient, I appreciate

Thanks sapient, I appreciate hearing all of this news/update.

Just a little update... Due

Just a little update...


Due to dwindling savings accounts and some fairly substantial financial commitments we've made(child support, need of car, etc...), Kelly is now working more often than usual.  As you can see from the reduction in posts to her blog over the last few weeks.  Rook and Lori of course are still working, and I've even considered a part time job.  We did recently have dinner with a man who would like to donate a substantial amount of money to operating expenses soon, we'll let you know how that works out.  Currently the biggest request from us of him is better studio recording equipment.  Based on his donations to other orgs, this request seemed likely to be met, plus much more. 

The Evolvefish work I was enthusiastic about when I first wrote this blog worked well, and bang for their buck was increased.  Currently site advertising is the biggest out of pocket expense.  The server fees had already come out of pocket, and we've yet to break even. 

With that said, I just want to say thanks to those of you that help.  We really appreciate it.


Please donate to one of these highly rated charities to help impede the GOP attack on America 2017-2019.

Support our activism efforts by making your Amazon purchases via this link.