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Why the "Problem of Induction" really isn't a problem. (And why theists don't even get it right)


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Edits thanks to Bob Spence


What is Inductive Logic?

Gregory Lopez and Chris Smith


We can define any type of logic as a formal, a priori system (axiomatic) that is employed in reasoning. In general, if we feed in true propositions, and follow the rules of the particular system, the logic will crank out true conclusions.

We can define 'induction" as a thought process that involves moving from particular observations of real world phenomena to general rules about all similar types of phenomena (a posteriori). We hold that these rules that we generate are probably, but not certainly, true, because such claims are not tautologies. 

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My the landscape has changed.

 Has it been ten years since I created an account here?  Man, seems like a lifetime ago.


It has also been about a year since I posted anything at all.  That is the case for most of the people I interacted with on the forums as well.


I got curious last night and decided to check up on this slice of heathen heaven.  To my dismay, it is pretty much a ghost town.  Not a soul posting except the whack job that is Brian37 and an occassional dunderhead like EXC responding.  I saw the blog post from a few months ago by Vastet that said he was pretty much done here and I thought he left awhile back along with a majority of the old crew so, I was a bit shocked.  Can't say I am surprised overall at the state of this website, though.  Social media has created a vacuum that sucks up independent places like this and made them obsolete.  


I turned to Twitter after no longer posting here to bring my comedy, non-beliefs and other entropy-laced musings to the masses before being wtongfully banned after ten years without so much as a warning.  Facebook turned out to be more of a cesspool than I realized and the only social media platform I use now is Instagram which feels like I'm still kind of using FB due to them owning it.  After all that, I decided to launch a podcast which is still running today.  I interview artisans, brewmasters, music artists, etc.  Pretty cool so far.  Had its ups and downs, though, and still does.


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The Internal Contradiction in Genesis that undoes all of Christianity

Quite a claim I must admit.


1) "god" punishes adam and eve for the sin of disobeying by eating from the tree of knowledge of good and evil.

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'Supernatural' (and 'immaterial') are broken concepts


A note to theists:  Please understand that the basis for my argument comes from negative theology. It was theologians who uncovered the problems with "god talk" nearly 2 eons before I could reach a keyboard.

The Apophatic tradition has been around for eons, and it's foundations can be found in the words of Paul and even in the OT.  However, while negative theology avoids the incoherenfce of positive theology,  once you special plead a 'god' beyond coherence, you must remain silent (Apophatic).


And now.... 


Terms like "supernatural" or "immaterial" are broken concepts: They are attempts at reference that cannot actually refer to anything. They are broken terms because they are defined solely in the negative (according to what they are not) without any universe of discourse (anything left over for them to be). As Deludedgod states (see link to his page at bottom) these terms are eliminative negative terms, which can only denote an empty set, meaning that any further talk using these terms is incoherent.

So we have words that tell us what something ISN'T, without anything left over for them to be.

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I'm done here.

For the last couple of years I've been coming to this site mostly out of a sense of responsibility. I was made a moderator and I was the only one of that group who generally frequented the site even on a monthly basis. As such I felt it was my duty to come by at least once a day if possible to ensure a spam wave or something illegal wasn't happening. Due to my reasoning, I would look at every updated topic; even Brian37's poetry. And I hate poetry. Edgar Allen Poe himself could have been posting and I'd have been equally unimpressed.

For quite some time there hasn't really been a need for the level of supervision I was providing, the spam levels are and have been extremely low for quite awhile; and noone in my tenure went so far as to break any laws, at least not that I saw or recall. I can't actually identify the last time I cleared some spam out.

Recently my actions have mostly been restricted to removing duplicate posts, if I saw them before there were responses anyway. Deleting posts here results in all response posts being deleted as well, so I'd leave them be if people had responded. There was no way to tell if someone had clicked reply on the offending post or on another, and I'd rather see a double post than delete content just to clear doubles out. Anti-censorship has always been a prevailing ethic here, which was why I was so drawn to the site to begin with.

But it was still my volunteered job and I took it fairly seriously.

Because I forced myself to check every new activity, I would often see something that I couldn't let stand unchallenged.

I'm concerned about the future of humanity

I'm increasingly concerned about the underwhelming steps we've taken to mitigate the risk of climate change.  We know that the fossil fuel industry owns the votes of many politicians by means of lobbying/bribery.  These politicians have sold out life on Earth in exchange for funds that ensure they stay in power. 

On November 6th we have a chance to elect candidates that are vocal about the threat of climate change and have plans to reduce the catastrophic impacts we will face if we don't do abundantly more.  This year I donated more to democratic candidates than all other elections combined in my life.  With the election of anti-EPA Trump we have taken a sad turn towards human extinction and it's imperative that we step up now before we spiral even further to our doom.  I isolated 80 races around America in which a donation can make a meaningful impact in the outcome of the race and I created an Act Blue fundraiser.  Please donate through this page and share the link on your social media sites to help encourage voters to elect leaders that value human life.

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Eras of humanity

I've been wondering about what era we are in with humanity. Such as they have had the "industrial age" or the "renaissance age" or the "golden age"

I look at what is happening now in the world and I see massive corruption. It permeates through society. Police, politicians, military and in the public.

I wonder if they will call this the age of corruption, when leaders and people in power were so consumed by their desires to fulfill their own needs that they were willing to kill or destroy other lives.

I understand that this has been going on previously, since mankind appeared on the timeline, but it seems to be on a massive scale.

Cryptocurrency, hacking information, health, war, investments, insurance, automobiles, the list seems endless.

People seem more self centered now, more egotistical.

Am I cynical?


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Catholic Priest Passes

A priest from my old family church passed away a while back but I just learned recently that he did so.

I'm glad he is dead. He was a child molesting son of a bitch. Hidden in the protection of the shadows formed by the catholic church, this guy was creepy with a capital c

I first experienced his advances after a wedding when I was an altar boy.

I had gone to the catholic school and joined being an altar boy duing school one day. I did all the bullshit dogma and would do weddings because we would get like $10 or $20 for the mass.

After the wedding I was waiting for my parents to pick me up and he sat down with me in the pews

He started to talk to me about what I was going to do when I got older and I was a kid (around 9 or 10), what the fuck did I know

He pressed about being a priest and I said no thanks and he pressed more.

He put his hands on my shoulder then on my hip then on my knees

I got creeped out and got up. He tried to calm me down but I had enough of the shit

He told me that we should go back to his office to talk

I wouldn't have any of it.

I told him that I had to go out to the front and wait for my parents

As I went for the front door he told me that everything was alright, not to worry, nothing happened.

Later I found out through various rumors of the other altar boys that one of the other guys had been drinking wine with one of the other priests.

Apparently there were multiple molesting priests?

I quit being an altar boy shortly afterwards.

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I dislike flying

I have to go to Texas today for a fucking wedding, well, not a wedding, a party celebrating a wedding which took place almost two years ago.

I had one in Detroit last October and thought it was a wedding, but right at the end, the bride told every one that they had gotten married the year before.

I don't have time or money to spend on parties. A wedding is a moment in time when two people commit to each other and you want others to witness it - experience it.

So this trip is an unwanted experience.


I always prepare for a trip as it is my last. Every time I go up in the sky the plane will crash.

Stats say differently. I should have died a long time ago. I put 25,000 miles on my car every year.

Also, it's the first 10 minutes of flight and the last 10 minutes of flight where things seem to go bad.

So technically, I'm just a moron.


Even though the highlights of this website have dwindled down to a trickle this small group of people have kept me on my toes.

I've learned fallacies, how to debate, applying logic to situations and how to avoid people like Brian at parties. Smiling

It's a bonus to be a part of this group of misfits.


I believe in a life after, being a buddhist, but not anything like the theists believe.

I do not believe in a god or creator. The Universe exists with out a greater force or spirit.

Life is as it is, a collection of atoms assembled in various forms and we happen to be experiencing them.

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The Bitcoin Scam

I had a moment where I could have been a millionare but instead ended up being like the guy who spent two Bitcoins on pizza back in 2010.

I had 1,250 coins which were used for Warcraft online, buying gear in the game.

My calculations were that no gold was backing it, there were no services being rendered, no product, so it wasn't worth anything.

Six months ago I was told by someone that it was worth around $1,000. I laughed. Huh? 1,000? Today it is 17,000?

I had done my homework and found that Bitcoin is nothing more than a scam. A pyramid scheme of sorts.

The people who started it are making out like bandits. They have for all intent and purpose, are scamming a lot of people.

They are the people manipulating the market. They are the ones who are raising the prices. They are also the ones who didn't have to mine anything as they just created millions of their own Bitcoins to hold on to for future use.

The bubble when it bursts is going to be huge. Bigger than the collapse in 2007 of the housing market.

Day to day people are going to lose big. Anyone who has the millions should dump their coins now and walk away.

If I had my 1,250 coins that is what I would do. I could live with 21 million+ dollars.


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