Faith site "sad" that Churches are dying

To the creators of:

Dear "the bad guys,"

We are winning. We are winning because we are more honest, our views are more solid, more logical, more reasonable, and more scientific. Your churches will die, we will continue to win. On your site you have a Church assistance program in which you help dying churches. You state on this page:


Sometimes churches die. It's sad, but it's true. Hundreds of churches in America will close their doors this year and sell their buildings because they cannot reach new people. It happens all the time.

But it doesn't have to happen to you.

Oh but it does need to happen, it should happen, and we're making it happen. If we hope to maximize the human potential we must start becoming more reliant on things we can prove rather than claims of faith. We must embrace science and discard all Churches, and not just the churches you aid and abet but also any other instutitution that embraces faith over reality.

Don't be sad that your churches will die, instead find a new line of work.

Here is some info on the issue from American Atheists

What about those who eschew religious belief? Terminology seems to play a major role in how non-believers distinguish themselves within their own demographic category. The 1990 survey included three descriptions (without definitions), "Agnostic," "Humanist" and "No Religion." A decade ago, that described an estimated 14,331,000 people, or roughly 8.2% of the population.

According to the ARIS 2001 survey, the total "No Religion Specified" category has grown to 29,481,000, roughly 14.1% of the population. That figure could be low, since 5.4% of potential respondents refused to discuss their preference, if any, for faith. Within the "No Religion Groups," the latest survey measured the three categories from the 1990 census, with new descriptions for "Atheist" and "Secular." In the latter category, 902,000 or roughly 0.4% identify openly as Atheists to the telephone survey. Slightly larger is the "Agnostic" category, an estimated 991,000 individuals representing 0.5%.

Humanists came in at an estimated 49,000, with only 53,000 under the category of "Secular." Contrary to perceptions in many non-believer circles, "Atheist" seems to be the label of choice more often within our segment of the population than "Humanist" or "Secular." "Agnostic" is slightly ahead, with most simply referring to themselves as having "No Religion."

Here are more links if you want to continue the sadness:


Faith 2.0 is entering into a few long-term consulting contracts with churches all across the country. Over the course of a year, Faith 2.0 will work with leaders and volunteers to streamline ministry systems, decrease frustration and increase clarity among staff, members and the surrounding community.

That's noble considering you've spent 1700+ years decreasing clarity and increasing frustration.


We act as a catalyst for church health

Church health eh? Does that involve psycho therapy, critical thinking, or merely the typical "here's how to brainwash someone effectively" routine?


from the initial assessment through the building of a common vocabulary and the understanding of how healthy systems operate.

Common vocabulary! Got it... it's the typical here's how to brainwash someone effectively routine.


Find honest work, your con game will be a dead business within 100 years.



Brian, Kelly, and Rook

Rational Response Squad

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From the blog January

From the blog January 25

He created everything that exists; if I go to the bank and the grocery store in one day I need a nap.

ROFLMAO. My typical day would kill this poor schmuck. Even sick with a chest cold, I had both of those things done by 9:30 am Monday AFTER I got the kids up, fixed breakfast (V-toast as the kids call 'Egg in the basket&#39Eye-wink and drove them to school.  I then proceeded to take my spouse to brunch and shopping before retrieving the kids from school and going home to sleep off this cold after helping with homework and playing HALO with all four for about an hour.

I did all of those things without any input from the divine. Nor would I want his/her/its allegedly omnipresent ass in my way. Tennessee drivers are bad enough. lol. 

Apparently, belief in a god does not impart extra energy to adherents.

Perhaps the prayer-to-brushing ratio needs improvement to get the 'god-kick' in the step. Myself? I have cigarettes and Mountain Dew for energy. No deity needed.

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I hope with all these

I hope with all these churches gone, we can replace with them businesses that can be taxed. Free ride is over scum bags!

Loads of churches in the

Loads of churches in the UK  have been converted to bars,clubs nightclubs in fact quite often they are called 'the church'

There is a great one in Charing Cross Road, London amazing architecture , its an Australian 'walkabout' pub now.

Amazing as of course all drinking establishments are holy grounds for the practioners of pastafarianism. Many a time I have worshipped his noodleness over a drink or two or three ...


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That article reminds me of

That article reminds me of something I'd researched some time ago: Catholic Nuns Becoming "None" and Priests Joining them. US nuns have declined 50% since the 1960's, and their average age is now 70. The Church is also facing a shortage of priests; it's had to send priests from Poland to other countries. Although I have never been a Catholic, despite narrowly escaping getting baptized as one, I find the Catholic Church's clerical implosion most satisfying. In fact, that may be why the Church has been so protective of pedophile priests; it's hard for the Church to find replacements.

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This is always good news to

This is always good news to hear. The less churches around,the more libraries we can build.

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I want a church!!

This is great news. I always wanted to buy a bankrupt church and live in the building. I think I could have some great parties with a lazer show and good pa system.