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Fishdontwalk have we decreated a creationist site?

On March 14th this year in the ninth episode of The Rational Response Squad radio show we hosted a creationist on our show named Bill Morgan who owns a website known as We brought Bill Morgan on the show because while in a discussion on a myspace Christian group someone posed Bills as an example of proof that evolution doesn't ocurr and that the answer to the problem of life is "god did it." With a brief look at Bills site we saw gaping holes and flaws, and knew right away that there was a ton of material to debunk. Yellow Number Five (Mike) got our science geeks on the case to debunk Fishdontwalk right away.

Here are some threads that examine and refute

YellowNumberFive and friends rip to shreds

About the first two laws of thermodynamics from Bob Spence

About the ozone hole from Bob Spence


I was interviewed by SSA about

I was recently interviewed by the Secular Student Alliance podcast host, Allison Bates. I was asked to appear to speak about, you'll find this short 20 minute interview informative.

You can stream the podcast at the homepage of the Secular Student Alliance or download it right here.

Pass it on to a teen or something.

Vacation is nice...

Let me preface this by saying I have nothing prophetic or of importance to talk about in this blog. In fact this entry may define everything I don't like about blogs. They tend to be over personal and contain a bunch of shit nobody really cares about. When I read a blog I want to hear about issues of substance and importance. It seems some blogs end up being about the new xbox game that someone got, or what they had for dinner, and who they're going out with tommorrow. Those blogs annoy me. Well they don't really "annoy" me, but their virtually useless, and not worthy of my time. With that said, allow me to waste one more minute of your time....

We just started our new site.

I'm so happy that everyone loves the new board. I'm also so happy that God gave me a propensity to sarcasm, or was it that he gave me a conscience?

Anyway, this is just really a test blog. I hope the community enjoys the ability to have a blog on our site now... at ZERO charge.

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