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New Shows Coming - 6/11 [Updated]

Hey friends,

This Wednesday night, 6/11 our prospective guest is Philip R. Davies, a Hebrew Bible scholar and member of the prestigious Copenhagen school, who will discuss some of the many reasons why the Hebrew Bible is fiction as opposed to history, and explain a bit of the minimalist position. 

All quests and inquiries for these two guests may be posted in this thread, and the best will be asked on air.  Remember the show starts promptly at 8pm EST in stickam, which can be accessed from this link


[UPDATE] Because of time zone restrictions, this show will have to be taped early and played for the room later that evening, normal time.  Philip is 5 hours ahead of me, and that means that calling him at 8pm EST is 1am for him.  Because of my respect for him, I have agreed to record the show ahead of time.  I'm sorry for the inconvenience, but still promise a great show!  Looking forward to seeing you all there.

NOTE: This is why it is important to get your questions in NOW.  Ask all your questions in this thread!  Only two more days until show time!

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Hemant Mehta to appear on RRS May 28th

Hemant Mehta (The Friendly Atheist) will appear on the RRS radio show 8pm est to talk about the upcoming Humanist Convention, and the panel that KellyM78 of the RRS will be appearing on.  The panel at the convention will include Greydon Square, Greg Epstein, and others with Hemant Mehta as a moderator.

You can access and view the RRS radio show 8pm est, Wed May 28 right here.

If you have any questions for Hemant please feel free to post them in this thread.

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Upcoming Shows and Guests [Updated 5/1/2008]

Well, I know its been some time.  But starting May 7th, 2008, the show will be featuring some new guests, normal time (8pm EST) in Stickam.

Our first guest on the show for May 7th is Dr. Hector Avalos, coming on to discuss his new book, The End of Biblical Studies.  Dr. Avalos was recently in BAR (Biblical Archaeology Review) where he wrote a short commentary on the problems of Biblical Scholarship today.  Later in that same issue (May/June 2008, Vol. 34 No. 3) Dr. Avalos' book was reviewed by John Merill.  Dr. Avalos was also in the recent anti-evolution (anti-science) movie Expelled as a critic of Intelligent Design.

Next up, with in a few weeks (hopefully sooner - update forthcoming), Rene Salm will be on the show to discuss his book and his hypothesis that the small polis of Nazareth never existed. 

Soon after (or before Rene appears), Frank Zindler is also scheduled to be on the show.  Frank has written many books, but most notably is his book The Jesus the Jews Never Knew is one of my favorites. 

Stay tuned for updates. 

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Chandler's Senior Project?

I am halfway through listening to the show where Chandler or 'Chanman' is on discussing his blasphemy challenge video. He started talking about his senior project about the effects of religion on US government and public perception... Is this essay in the 'articles and essays' section somewhere? If so, which one is it?

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New atheist rap: Masahiko "La Machina"

Guest suggestion: Matt Dillahunty

Guest Suggestion: JASON SCOTT YELDELL (African American Atheist)

I recently attended a lecture/formal debate on atheism and the fallacies of intelligent design and there was an african american atheist by the name of Jason Yeldell who presented one of the most eloquent (and humorous) cases for atheism and the irrationality of religion.


He is the author of the book "A Call to Sanity" and is building quite a name for himself.


He would be a great addition to one of your shows.



Show 61 with Matt Slick [now on youtube]

'Jesus Christ'.  I just listened to both Show 61 with Matt Slick ( and Show 60 with Greg Cooper (Christian Intervention).

Those are the worst guests I've ever heard Sticking out tongue.  Matt Slick is a complete moron.  Someone would ask a question and then someone else would clarify or just add their 2 cents and he would go on for like 10 minutes about how he can't respond to multiple people, or that someone is interrupting.  Or my favorite:  He would say that you guys were having a "Scholar War" and then someone would explain for several minutes why you weren't and when he spoke again he would say that you guys are having a "Scholar War".  Again and Again.  

Greg Cooper didn't understand circular reasoning or any other logical fallacies and just tried to witness the whole time.

Those shows made me angry.  People are so fucking stupid. 


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Todd Allen Gates and Jesus

Hey everyone,

I've been reading Todd Allen Gates' book "Dialogue with a Christian Proselytizer" and have been loving it. I really like the method the book describes, and I look forward to finishing it.

That said, I was suddenly taken aback while reading it last night. On page 40, his character Scott states "Jesus's existence can be proved with reasonable confidence through logic."

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Hector Avalos!!!

I think you guys should really try to get Hector Avalos on the show! He is a Proffessor at Iowa State University and he wrote the book "The End of Biblical Studies". He was on the Infidel Guy show but I don't think he did a good enough job of interviewing him.

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