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Christians are so loving... a compilation of works from the haters...

As you may well know, we have a special mail bag section on our message board to display our responses to letters we receive. Some letters are so far below us that they warrant no response. These letters speak for themselves and say much more about the sender than they say about RRS. Someday when we write an RRS book, the last chapter will be an extensive compilation of letters just like this. Most of these are from Christians, however some will be from atheists, agnostics, and other forms of theists.

This is just a few days worth, we'll update this blog later with more as we get them.

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Apparantly, theists are too cowardly to debate publicly on this forum.

This is my old blog about why I'm an atheist, my perspective. This egotistical theist named Frank..decides to cut and paste it on his blogging account and then decides to "debunk" it. Ironically, his whole diatribe is an ad hominem attack, because he fails to see that this was MY perspective and not necessarily the vews of all atheists. so anyway, I had re-cut and pasted his blog as a comment to my original blog and retorted. If he was a true debater.. he would have left comments here, instead of hiding. So instead of giving this guy's blog site traffic, please post comments here. I think he just wants attention. someone to PLEASE listen to him... Sad (tear.)

earth is the only god we need to worry about

Sphere 3

Once upon a time, in the deep freeze of black space, there existed a family of Spheres cooling down after their birth. After their fiery and violent creation, they began to quickly spin around their mother- the giant furnace from which all of them had originated. As they formed, the debris they emerged from formed as well and, though much smaller than the Spheres themselves, imitated their shape. These smaller forms orbited the larger Spheres, like electrons orbiting a nucleus. It seemed that this was the perfect shape that every object in the Universe endeavoured to turn into, from the smallest atom to the biggest gas giant. When every Sphere had achieved this shape, it appeared that the family had fulfilled their purpose, and so did the only thing that they knew how to do- keep spinning and dancing around their mother. It was balanced, it was silent, it was blissful. Every Sphere knew that something was about to happen.

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My first blog

I am going to give this blog thing a try. We'll see if I keep up with it. I've never been much of a writer.

I was hanging out with a group of friends this weekend and someone asked the hypothetical question: Would finding another planet exactly like ours (including humans) prove or disprove a god? Everyone agreed that it would neither prove or disprove god, but if anything, it would disprove god. I, on the other hand, thought that a discovery like that would lean more towards proving that a god exists. That would mean that we'd have to be of the same common descent (not so hard to imagine), but that all events (climate, extinctions, etc) would have to mirror each other exactly for humans to have evolved in the exact same sequence. What are the odds?

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One of those 'More Important Things'

My mother says I'm a Radical.

I say I'm my own flavor of realist.

One thing is for sure: I am my own species in Utah.

I just finished a book today called "The Untied States of America". I'm pretty sure it will piss as many people off as it informs positively. He wrote the book to start a debate, and sounds like a man, who believes much like me, that when people are angry enough, they tend to challenge more, learn more, intake more. Discussion is not a bad thing.

The discussion tonight with my mother was about God and science. I stated that I thought God had no room in a science classroom, and she stated God had everything to do with science. I thereby said if we are going to teach one religions view of creation, then we need to teach all of them, as Genesis isn't the end all be all of creation myths (erm, sorry replace myth with "factual accounts"). Every religion has a story, and if we are going to teach one of them we need to teach all of them. Not all students in America are christian, after all. So if that happens, then we will be taking up quite some time teaching creation... uh... stories so we should have an optional "world religions class" you can take or not. It will never happen, but that seems logical to me. Of course, we live in a completely illogical society where pro life people blow up buildings and kill those housed in them all the time... my idea has no hope.

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What doesn't 'work' for me.

1. I don't like to fight a metaphor with a metaphor. Either you know what your describing or you don't. It's okay to theorize, but don't try to describe something using something else unless there are absolute commonalities. Worst example: Trying to define your 'god' using actual physical objects for an example. "god is the wind, ever changing but always there." Give me a break. By the way, some might consider that to be blasphemy since your god made the wind, right?

2. Human beings that derive pleasure from self-pity. I'll spend all of two try's to make someone feel better about themselves. If they persist in their self-deprecation then so be it. Perhaps they need to have someone tell them what is REALLY WRONG with them.

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This man and his family wanted a grill really bad.

It was the man's birthday, so his wife decided to buy one for him, pay extra to have it assembled for them and that same day, they would have a barbeque party with all of his friends and family.

They ordered the grill from Sears, and were told that it would be assembeled for them. When it arrived at their house, everything was together except for the gas tube leading to the grill, it wasn't connected to the grill. They gave him an instruction booklit with diagrams and briefly explained how to connect the two.

He tried connecting them while his wife and kids got the dinner ready. He tried and tried, but couldn't. He had read in the manual that the gas was toxic and deadly, and he'd been warned here and there not to breath in the stuff because it could kill him. He had been told that naturally, the gas was odourless, but that they added a smell so that when there was a leak, we could smell it.

Vacation is nice...

Let me preface this by saying I have nothing prophetic or of importance to talk about in this blog. In fact this entry may define everything I don't like about blogs. They tend to be over personal and contain a bunch of shit nobody really cares about. When I read a blog I want to hear about issues of substance and importance. It seems some blogs end up being about the new xbox game that someone got, or what they had for dinner, and who they're going out with tommorrow. Those blogs annoy me. Well they don't really "annoy" me, but their virtually useless, and not worthy of my time. With that said, allow me to waste one more minute of your time....

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God does not exist therefore the Bible is fake. The bible says it's okay to eat meat, and if the bible is fake then it's not "okay to eat meat". I'm not saying it's NOT okay to eat meat, I'm saying it's okay to not eat meat.



We as human beings are supposed to eat animals that eat plants that "eat" sunlight which will later eat us humans (and I don't get why Christians believe in Armaggedon AND the food chain because if they were smart enough they'd know the sun will one day explode and "eat" us)

But we've found our ways around that

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I think if everyone worshipped dirt it'd be better than worshipping an invisible man

yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes it would.

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