What is faith, exactly? Christians say it is their belief in God and Jesus, etc. Faith is the belief in something that is unproven by logic or evidence. Christians say it themselves; if they had proof for God or Jesus, it wouldn’t be faith they were operating off of. It would be knowledge. So, people believe God and Jesus just because?

Obviously not. There is always a reason to everything. People don’t just find out about Jesus and God on there own. They are taught it. By parents, or pastors, or priests or friends. So, faith, regardless of what the Christians may call it, is not faith in God or Jesus or the Bible. Its faith in people. They believe what their parents taught them to be truth, and do not question it. Infants are programmed this way.

“Don’t eat that berry, its poison.”

“Okay, mommy.”

“Don’t touch that snake, it’ll bite you.”

“Okay, mommy.”

“Jesus Christ died on the cross for your sins. He’s your savior whether you like it or not.”

“Okay, mommy.”

Faith is a substitute for knowledge. Knowledge is actually knowing something because of logic or evidence, but Christians say it themselves: If we had evidence, it wouldn’t be faith. Of course it wouldn’t. Faith is imitation knowledge. People may say they know their religion to be true, but quite obviously they do not. They can’t know, or its not faith at all. And yet they believe it with all their heart.

So, when someone says I have faith, they are just saying, I believe because I was told to. They are just saying I believe because I don’t think about anything and just accept these things are truth. That’s exactly what faith is: the absence of knowledge and the absence of thought.

People of faith are weak minded. That’s not my opinion, that’s the truth, and no one could possibly argue. Having faith in God and Jesus is just as ridiculous and insane as having faith in flying pink unicorns or invisible hamsters around Pluto. To believe whole-heartedly in any of these, one must be weak minded in one way or another. Not necessarily stupid (although this is usually the case), but simply weak-minded.

Weak-minded because you couldn’t face reality, so you converted. Weak-minded because you see insane visions of angels and think they’re signs from God. Weak-minded, like a child, because you were raised to be weak-minded by your parents and now refuse to ever accept truth. In some way, shape, or form, ALL Christians are weak-minded fools. I’m so glad I didn’t succumb to that.

However, most intelligent people with strong minds who were raised religious overcome the faith virus. I’m always glad to hear that happen. It gives me strength for futures battles. But there are still many people, who I believe to be intelligent, who still are under the spell of that threatening, thought-destroying thing called faith.

To Christians: Do not be proud of your imitation knowledge. Be ashamed. Faith is nothing but a shortcut to wisdom, which won’t lead you there anyway. Do not be frightened by religions threats of Hell and unhappiness, because that’s all they are. Threats. There is no Hell, and if there is a God, he defiantly wouldn’t send a good person to it, regardless of what they personally believe. That’s just rubbish. You can be happier as an atheist by focusing on what’s really important: Your life. It’s the only one you’re going to get, so you might as well live it fully without wasting every Sunday in the desperate pursuit of a second one.

To Atheists: We must stop this virus from spreading and destroying any more than it already has. That’s all it does, is destroy. Wars. Hate. Intolerance. False hope. False wisdom. Faith destroys lives from the very beginning by forcing the idea of Jesus Christ down young children’s throats. If you are a decent, kind, intelligent human being, you will join the fight for freedom of your fellow mans mind. Amen to that.

Wilson: "We were afraid that if you found out you solved a case with absolutely no medical evidence you'd think you were God." House: "God doesn't limp."