Respect or War?

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Recently a very close friend of mine who considers herself agnostic sent me an email telling me she disagreed with the methods of The Rational Response Squad. She told me that it is wrong to not be respectful to the beliefs of those around us, no matter how irrational they may be. I must admit I was shocked when I received this email from someone I consider to be very intelligent and I promptly replied telling her that the Rational Response Squad was very respectful to the beliefs of theists. She responded with a direct quote from the Sam Harris MySpace bulletin that stated we need to stop being respectful towards theism. I once again disagreed with her and assured her that she only misread the bulletin.

However, ever since these series of emails took place they have no left my mind. Why should I be respectful towards theism? Why should I hold my tongue while speaking out against the irrational thoughts of theists? At first my brain was telling, “Of course you should! You have many theists friends…you don’t want to offend them.” I agreed with this notion at first, but I still could not get the question out of my head. It was constantly jabbing me as if assuring me that I had reached the wrong conclusion. So, I began to give it the amount of thought it deserved.

One of the major problems in this world, if not the main, is theism. It’s irrational ideals are eating out supposed democratic government from the inside out. In 2000 a Christian politician stole the election. He cheated to be nominated President of the United States. In office this same man lied to us and involved us in a conflict that we didn’t need to be a part of. This man is also pushing his religious bullshit on the rest of the nation by suggesting that we have a National Prayer Day and is also called “God’s President” by many theists. Wait a minute…what happened to freedom of religion?

However, the evil that is theism is not only in our government…it’s everywhere. People are being fired from their jobs because they are atheists. Our money and pledge are stained with religious words and those who do not stand for the pledge are persecuted as if they were the most evil beings on Earth. Let’s face the truth, let’s stop hiding behind good deeds that will never out weight the damage done by religion. Theism is the plague of this Earth,.

It’s a plague planted in youth and urges all of those contaminated to spread it’s bacteria everywhere. This plague is worse than any real disease though. Real diseases are easily cured by doctors and the patients who suffer from them are willing to be treated. If you try to treat someone infected with religion you are ridiculed and condemned to suffer for an eternity in a place so horrible that the human brain can’t even imagine the pain in causes. Could something that causes people to wish eternal pain and suffering on a fellow human being really be good? Can a religion that worships a jealous God who demands you accept him as ruler or you will live in pain forever? That sounds a little like dictatorship to me. Let’s me ask you, does any sane, intelligent person believe that Hitler is good?

Of course not, and guess what? God is not good either.

How can a supreme, all loving being who is supposed to be perfect and all knowing allow people to be born on this Earth only to go to Hell. That’s right, I said it. If God is all knowing he is condemning people to eternal suffering before they are born. All these arguments that claim even though he knows what will happen we still have free will is bullshit. If he knows what is going to happen we don’t not have free will. Therefore, every murderer, every atheists, every homosexual who is born God had already condemned them to an eternity in the worst place imaginable. That is not good, that is evil.

Since I just mentioned it let’s look at what theism thinks of homosexuality. We all know now that homosexuality is not a choice, it is who a person is. Just like heterosexuality. People who choose to love others of the same sex are no different from what Christian’s consider right. It is right folks, and to think otherwise is evil and should not be tolerated. And yet the Bible teaches us that it is an abomination, that all homosexuals will burn in Hell. That’s right, no matter how a theist feels about homosexuals, your religion tells you it is wrong and that it is punishable by fire and brimstone.

Why should I ever respect something that is so intolerant that is so evil? I don’t respect Hitler or what he stood for. I don’t respect the KKK and what they stand for and I will openly speak out against their beliefs without a moments hesitation because I know it to be wrong. The only respect one should have for theism, the KKK, and all Nazi supporters in this country is the fact that they have the right to believe in whatever they choose. They have the right to believe in something no matter how evil it may seem. However, as far as respecting theism in regards to being careful where we step? Fuck that, I say it’s open war on theism and all that is harmful and irrational.


"If only God would give me some clear sign! Like making a large deposit in my name at a Swiss Bank."-Woody Allen

"Atheism is life affirming in a way religion can never be."-Richard Dawkins

Here is my favorite Sam

Here is my favorite Sam Harris quote, that is very pertinent here:

Q: What is the most likely way that American society, if not the rest of the world, will eventually abandon irrational faith?

Sam Harris: I think this is a war of ideas that has to be fought on a hundred fronts at once. There’s not one piece that is going to trump all others.

But I think we should not underestimate the power of embarrassment. The book Freakonomics briefly discusses the way the Ku Klux Klan lost its subscribers, and the example is instructive. A man named Stetson Kennedy, almost single-handedly it seems, eroded the prestige of the Ku Klux Klan in the 1940s by joining them and then leaking all of their secret passwords and goofy lingo to the people who were writing “The Adventures of Superman” radio show. Week after week, there were episodes of Superman fighting the Klan, and the real Klan’s mumbo jumbo was put out all over the airwaves for people to laugh at. Kids were playing Superman vs. the Klan on their front lawns. The Klan was humiliated by this, and was made to look foolish; and we went from a world in which the Klan was a legitimate organization with tens of millions of members—many of whom were senators, and even one president—to a world in which there are now something like 5,000 Klansmen. It’s basically a defunct organization.

So public embarrassment is one principle. Once you lift the taboo around criticizing faith and demand that people start talking sense, then the capacity for making religious certitude look stupid will be exploited, and we’ll start laughing at people who believe the things that the Tom DeLays, the Pat Robertsons of the world believe. We’ll laugh at them in a way that will be synonymous with excluding them from our halls of power.

A final thought from myself:
We are at war with faith because we respect humanity. If we didn't respect humanity, we'd let it continue to fuck itself.

here here... I refuse to

here here... I refuse to respect utter garbage as well.

It's because atheists shut up all the time that no one is being educated on astronomy, evolution, psychology.

I don't care how many people I offend, because to be frank, their stupidity is offending me as a human being.

If they don't want their

If they don't want their beliefs critisised, then they shouldn't have such utterly stupid beliefs.

The quote I know well is...

The quote I know well is... "People who don't want their beliefs laughed at, shouldn't have such funny beliefs." - Nodiety (member of IG forums)

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Haha, yeah I've actually

Haha, yeah I've actually heard about those Superman cartoons.

Maybe we should find an atheist who is skilled at producing animation to draw up some invisible pink unicorn cartoons that show how silly religion is.

"If only God would give me some clear sign! Like making a large deposit in my name at a Swiss Bank."-Woody Allen

"Atheism is life affirming in a way religion can never be."-Richard Dawkins