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The Red Button and the Force that Will Push It.

North Korea has supposedly tested a nuclear weapon. The world warned them not to do so. Even their communist brother, China, spoke out against a nuclear test. However, on Monday October 9th, 2006 North Korea claimed to have successfully test a nuclear device. Now, sources are saying North Korea has not yet reached their nuclear goal and that are not capable of launching a nuclear assault upon the world. However, they have completed the first step in a series of many at becoming a nuclear power. A logical step that they most likely will take in the future is to find a way to equip long range missiles with nuclear devices. At this stage, their nondog medium range missiles could be fitted with a nuclear device and be able to hit most of Japan and South Korea is in much more danger than that. Our world could be heading towards World War III, especially if North Korea assists Iran in their path to become a nuclear power.

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What Happened to the America I was taught about?

You wake up early one morning and begin your daily routine before work. You shuffle into the bathroom in a trance and toss water over your groggy eyes before draining your bodily wastes in the toilet. You then head into the kitchen and begin cooking yourself a hearty breakfast before you head off to your 9-5 job when suddenly you hear a knock at your front door. You slowly head towards it, confused at who would be visiting at such an hour. You are greeted by three men in very nice suits who inform you that you must come with them. Your monotonous life is about to take a turn. A turn towards something you never thought could ever happen in the United States of a America.

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I'm an atheist, in case you didn't know.

I composed this blog as sort of a companion piece to a much angrier one I wrote in regards to relgion and to also attempt to explain why I am an atheist.

Im an atheist. In case you didnt catch this the first time let me say it again, Im an atheist. For those in the back row, Im an atheist. Now that weve cleared that up I am sure you are wondering why am I an atheist. How could Trey Smith, a guy who was at one time a rather devout Christian stray so far from "Gods path." I went to church almost every Sunday until I was almost 19 years old. I went to youth group, I read at Christmas, I went to most church oriented events. How then can I choose to be an atheist?

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Respect or War?

Recently a very close friend of mine who considers herself agnostic sent me an email telling me she disagreed with the methods of The Rational Response Squad. She told me that it is wrong to not be respectful to the beliefs of those around us, no matter how irrational they may be. I must admit I was shocked when I received this email from someone I consider to be very intelligent and I promptly replied telling her that the Rational Response Squad was very respectful to the beliefs of theists. She responded with a direct quote from the Sam Harris MySpace bulletin that stated we need to stop being respectful towards theism. I once again disagreed with her and assured her that she only misread the bulletin.

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The Three Earth's.

NOTE:This is but a short example of an essay I plan to write. This blog may or may not appear in that essay, but some of the ideas put forth here will. Thank you.

Earth Number One:

A Christian, A Muslim, and a Jew are walking down the beach. The Christian turns to the others and says,"My dear heretics, why do you not accept my God and My savior Jesus Christ into your heart? For if you do not, you will go to Hell and suffer for all eternity! The Muslim and Jew laugh,"No it is you two who are going to Hell!", stated the Jew. The Muslim glared at them both and told they were the ones going to Hell! So they all fought and killed each other. The Christian was granted eternal life in heaven, for his God was the true God. The Muslim and the Jew burned in Hell for all eternity.

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