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The Irrationality of Theism

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This is a copy of one of my blogs on myspace, my 99th. It is the original verson of my essay titled "The Irrationality of Theism." Sapient adapted it for the RRS show and so forth, switching some of my words around to make it sound better and so on, but here's the original verson as I posted on myspace (at least I think it's the original. I might have updated it on myspace before, but I know it isn't the FINAL verson):

(Sorry, I wrote this on microsoft word, and things I type on that program and paste here usually are missing several types of punctuation, like quotation marks for example, and apostrophes.)

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Force an End to Theism?

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Imagine I have a button right here next to me. A big, red, easy button. Hell, pretend it is an "Easy Button." With the word "easy" written on the top of it and everything. And imagine that if I did hit it, a little voice inside would go off and say, "That was easy!" - just like the commonly sold "Easy Button" does.

Then imagine that if I did press this so easily pressed button that something much more than a stupid electronic voice were to happen. Imagine that if I pressed it, all theism would end instantly.

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Atheist in Church 6, Wedding Edition

I get a blog here too?! I have 106 blogs, usually very long in length, on myspace. My myspace blog is at , by the way.

I guess I should post some of them here... Maybe... Well, here's my lattest one as of... Now.
I have an "Atheist in Church" series. Here is episode 6, the Wedding edition.

Atheist in Church 6! At least... I think it's 6... Let me check. Yep, it's 6.
Atheist in Church 6! The wedding edition series addition.

So I filed for today off from work. My employer gave it to me. Good, because today was my cousin's wedding. Now, I know most of you picture cousins are being around the same age, but not for me. All my cousins are much older than me. I just (and I mean just) turned 18 and my cousin Erik is getting married four days later. And we are careful with who we marry in my family.

On Being an Atheist In a Small Town

I live in the Borough of Bernville, a small town of about 800 people (with 3 churches! Sad ) Sometimes I swear I'm the only atheist in town - most people here are elderly. And of course, not too many people are going to admit it unless asked. Yeah, it sucks. Anyway, what else is going on in my life right now - most of you heard about the woman I've been talking to, and I think we are getting closer. Maybe Valparaiso, Florida has some more open minded people if I do move down there! Smiling


WARNING: The following is very offensive. True, but offensive. Realize that I did not write this out of anger, yet only in an attempt to express rationality. It may appear angry or cruel only because it is missing the "sugar coating" of tolerance people expect from controversial essays. However, I hold honesty higher than your feelings, and would feel like a liar if I did not show my frustration and concern in full. So, here it is: uncensored, unadulterated, and unsympathetic truth. Enjoy.

The whole concept of Christian's Belief in Hell baffles me.

I only have a few things to say on this topic, most of which I hope intellectuals have already deduced. Of course, I would have hoped that Christian intellectuals would have deduced that religion and the Bible are huge, idiotic contradictions and turned Atheist, but that hasn’t happened yet, so here I go:

We just started our new site.

I'm so happy that everyone loves the new board. I'm also so happy that God gave me a propensity to sarcasm, or was it that he gave me a conscience?

Anyway, this is just really a test blog. I hope the community enjoys the ability to have a blog on our site now... at ZERO charge.

Mel Gibson is an Asshole

I didn't have to read some stupid celebrity news article to learn that Mel Gibson is a complete twat, common sense told me that. Common sense tells me that anyone who believes in the precepts of their religion belittles and hates the people with only slightly different views. To read the Torah and the New Testament is to be barraged by messages advocating and demonstrating the arbitrary extermination and murder of people who believe differently. And the religion people usually point the finger at, Islam, actually seems mild by comparison to events and ideas described in Deuteronomy, Numbers, and more places than I know in the Old Testament. So it's no surprise that when Gibson's inhibitions were lowered (further; this is, after all, the man who made Mad Max and the Passion of the Christ) by alcohol anti-jewish propaganda is what comes spilling out. Gibson has expressed an interest in seeking counseling. I have a better idea, one that will save all parties involved a hell of a lot of money and the Hollywood film industry from having to make another shitty Mel Gibson film: death by bris.

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