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When the British occupation of India began, the English soldiers that traveled there were shocked by the lack of Christian shame and the "immoral" practices of the Hindu heathens. Displays of affection were openly displayed in public settings. Sexuality was promoted. To those religious officers in the Queens army, India was the center of licentiousness and depravity.

By the time that the occupation was finally ended, there had been a major shift in Hindu consciousness. The British soldiers had forced social standards on the Hindu populace. Where a couple might walk down the street playfully fondling each other before, they would walk as though seperated by a moving wall.

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Shit! Fuck! Damn you!

Why are they called curse, or "cuss" words?

Once upon a time, they were considered to be actual curses. If you uttered a word forcefully, and you had the power, then you might actually succeed in laying that curse. During the seventeenth-century, it was words and phrases like these that caused women to be burned at the stake for witchcraft.

Today they are merely considered profain. To speak them in front of women and children is still considered to be harmful, somehow, in some significant way, in some circles. Yet for the most part, they are terms of profanity.

Because People think unproven sob stories are untouchable...

My comments in [] if stating a fact you get a link. Discrepancys between versions in () And no I don’t care if you think I’m an asshole. Also I think there should be some sort of proof of a little jimmy and his mom talking about a letter, more proof then this chain letter...


She (Sally) jumped up as soon as she saw the surgeon come out of the operating room. She said: "How is my little boy? Is he going to be all right? When can I see him?"

The surgeon said, "I'm sorry. We did all we could, but your boy didn't make it."

Sally said, "Why do little children get cancer? Doesn't God care any more? Where were you, God, when my son needed you?" [And the set up begins...](This whole statement was added)

My first Blog... is this Logical?

(logical agument?) Proof that GOD can not exist.

GOD is supernatural/beyond existence which means he does not exist. If GOD is out side existence, GOD can not be defined by existing definitions. If GOD is out side the natural order he has no natural definition and there for can not be natural. Anything that would come from GOD, from the outside of existence/nature could not be defined or understood by existing natural conception. This leads to the reason why we as existing humans have no need for a GOD that can not be known. Any definition or bleak understanding of GOD is futile becau

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The Red Button and the Force that Will Push It.

North Korea has supposedly tested a nuclear weapon. The world warned them not to do so. Even their communist brother, China, spoke out against a nuclear test. However, on Monday October 9th, 2006 North Korea claimed to have successfully test a nuclear device. Now, sources are saying North Korea has not yet reached their nuclear goal and that are not capable of launching a nuclear assault upon the world. However, they have completed the first step in a series of many at becoming a nuclear power. A logical step that they most likely will take in the future is to find a way to equip long range missiles with nuclear devices. At this stage, their nondog medium range missiles could be fitted with a nuclear device and be able to hit most of Japan and South Korea is in much more danger than that. Our world could be heading towards World War III, especially if North Korea assists Iran in their path to become a nuclear power.

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Superman is Immoral (rant!)

Superman is Immoral.

At least, that's what they said. They say a lot of things... those drooling, duped fools who sit in the center of the classroom. They come in every day, and sit together, and gossip about church, and trade experiences from their missions. Today, they talked about how immoral Superman is and how they will never watch that movie again, because that is not something the prophet would be happy seeing.

I listen to this three days a week for at least 10 minutes each time. I listen to how blessed they are, how much they love God, what the prophet said, how they love their religion, how true their church is among other things. I listen, and I listen and I listen. I sit about as far away from them as I can get.. but I can still hear them. there are five of them, their voices raise in pitch as they get more and more excited...

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How do you know?

I am quite well read, and have studied and researched many subjects. It is quite rare that I enter into a conversation or debate without bringing long and detailed arguments and opinions into play.

It is therefore inevitable that I am asked how I know what I know. In many cases, arguments have been posed against me based on the fact that my information has come from other sources, which then amounts to hearsay.

In the area of religion, for instance. I might argue that the Christian believes in the words of people who wrote them centuries ago. I say that this is hearsay and such material is invalid. The opposition argues that all the information that I hold to be valid was also penned by men. The fact that I have never personally gone to the center of our milky way galaxy and observed the massive black hole invalidates the proposition that a massive black hold resides there.

Citizens Rule Book

I saw it floating around myspace so I had to reply to it. If you read it you'll see why very quickly, and in this I didn't even talk about the fact you don't have to be christian to be american....

read it here --->

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Reading Shelley this week

I just received a copy of The Necessity of Atheism by Percy Shelley. Can't wait to get to it. You can't beat the freethinkers of the old days, they knew how to write.

Also haven't started yet on The Impossibility of God. (Different authors.)

I'll write some reviews when I've finished more of these two works.

Laughing out loud

What they say, what they mean.

Just for fun. Feel free to respond with your own...

They say: You're just angry at god.
They mean: I'm angry at you for not believing in God.

They say: I'll pray for you.
They mean: Screw you and I'm going to talk to myself to convince myself that god exists.

They say: What if I'm right? What have you got to lose?
They mean: I've already lost, please join me to reinforce my delusions.

They say: You're gonna burn in hell.
They mean: I'm so scared of Yahweh that I believe out of fear.

They say: I could never live without God.
They mean: I'm so used to being deluded I couldn't imagine ever being honest with myself.

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