The Rights of Homosexuals

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Alright, I can't remember if I did a blog on this before. I really don't think I have, surprisingly. This is a fairly popular issue. I did touch on it in my rant blog. I want to tell you just what I think when it comes to homosexuality issues in the US, including "gay marriage" and all that good stuff.

Now apparently the majority thinks people of the same sex should not be able to get married, including our just wonderful (sarcasm) president, George W. Bush Jr.

Now, spoken simply… Quite frankly… What the hell is wrong with you people? Where do you get off? I will declare my position on this blog is firm that in no way should there be discrimination against homosexuals; they should have the right to marry, and so on and so forth. Those who think otherwise, I will declare, quite simply, are idiots, ignorant, sheep, and/or wretched evil wicked scum of the earth and do not deserve the right to marry themselves because they are such heaping piles of pure, unadulterated worthless shit that that shame the clothing they waste by wearing it on their leprous bodies, which, by all rights, should be flushed down one huge giant toilet, along with all the other heaping piles of shit.

Alright, I got a tad carried away. Just a tad. I really don't think they are heaping piles of shit. I'm sorry. I realize that heaping piles of shit are offended by that comparative statement, so I apologize, you aren't really as bad as those gay-haters.

Now, these gay haters, as I will call them, because that's what they actually really just are, have tried desperately to rationalize their positions. Have you ever met someone against gay marriage? Not that hard, they are all over the place. You ask them "why" and they never really have an answer. Literally, this is what you'll most likely here:

"It's just sick!" or "I don't want those gays lookin' at me like that, I'm sorry."

Listen, in many places gays cannot get married, and that's terrible to them. It could mean a lot to them. It could mean more than anything else to a heck of a lot of Americans out there, and because of this reasoning of yours you would make their lives horrible? If you have that opinion, then fine, have it, but do you vote based on that and that alone? Is that as far as your mind can take you? …Um… What's wrong with you? And besides, that argument is ridiculous. A gay won't be "looking at you" anymore than they already would be! And you can't stop them from loving each other and doing… things… With each other whether you allow them to marry or not! So you really have no reason why you do not allow them to have a freedom. These people, on at least this subject, I have little respect for as human beings. They are either idiots or intellectually dishonest.

Some do try to rationalize it. Bush's best job at rationalizing it was that it harms families and family values. It discourages "normal" relationships. Hey, it this does "make more gays out there," then who says that's a bad thing? That argument is purely saying, "I don't like gay people in my country, this will encourage there to be more of them!" Besides, if anything there is overpopulation, so, come on. And hell, I doubt it'll even make more gays; that's just reaching too far. If someone is gay it's biological. If someone is "fabulous," that's their choice. I… Read that on a button somewhere, sorry. And if it isn't biological, if it is choice, then screw you if you don't want people considering a choice you just "don't want them to make" because yer a bigoted asshole. You know what? I'd want to be gay JUST to piss you off, Bush, that's how much of a moron you are. Cept I'm not. I just simply find women too attractive. Must be BIOLOGICAL. Dick.

I've heard the argument "if we allow gays to marry then there will be less kids produced!" That's similar to the last argument, but actually a lot worse. If you don't allow gays to marry, that's not going to automatically make them heterosexual! Your true intent on being anti-same sex marriage is showing. What you are really trying to argue is "why I think you shouldn't be gay." Just because two men or two women can't get married doesn't mean they'll go "oh well darn," turn heterosexual, marry someone of the opposite sex, and then have kids, alright?

I've heard the argument: "What if gay couples adopt? The children will be made fun of in school. They'll grow up questioning heterosexuality and grow up under homosexual influence!" Again, your true intent is showing. You are still assuming "homosexuality" is a bad thing. It's a god damn state of mind, biological or choice, whatever you want to call it, you can't just say "homosexuality is wrong, therefore homosexuality is wrong." Or "therefore homosexuals shouldn't have the same rights as heterosexuals." We all know that a homosexual probably won't mate with the opposite sex. What does that mean? Heterosexuals who don't want to have sex in their lives are evil too? If you don't have kids that's "wrong?" If your sexual organs don't work, and if you can't mate, you shouldn't get married or adopt or have the rights of those who do? And listen, a child growing up with homosexual parents doesn't mean the child will be homosexual. If the parents teach the child homosexuality is the way the "must be," then they are just bad parents and that has nothing to do with the fact they are homosexuals. And you say "children questioning" is a bad thing. Questioning is the most beautiful thing a human brain can ever possibly do, NEVER, EVER aver otherwise or I will personally beat your ass. As for them being made fun of in school… Children can get made fun of for anything. Red clothing on Saint Patrick's Day, for example. Does that make the clothing "wrong?" Does that make the parents who bought the clothing "wrong?" A child can get made fun of for having Jewish parents. Does that mean Jews shouldn't have children or adopt? Those poor, poor kids. What about ugly or fat parents? It is clear you are trying to rationalize your dislike for homosexuals, and if you make this argument, you are an idiot. No, really, it's that simple. Idiot. Period.

I've heard an actual argument that can stand more than two seconds in a debate. But still not long against a true thinker. It goes along the lines of, "Marriage is defined as being between a man and a woman. Gays do have equal rights are heterosexuals. A homosexual has the right to marry a person of the opposite sex just as a heterosexual can. Gays are asking for special rights, for a definition to be changed for marriage." Pro-same sex marriage sides argue they are not asking for special rights, that there are many different definitions of marriage and that we just shouldn't use that one. I'm going to take a different approach. Granted that is the official legal definition of marriage (I'm not sure if it is or if it isn't, but I'll just go with that it is), then yes, Gays are asking for special rights. Are you anti-same sex marriage people happy now? What have you proven? Do you think you've won? Don't be so naïve. "Special rights" doesn't automatically mean "wrong side of the argument." And as soon as the definition is changed to fit homosexuals into the marriage picture, then it won't be a right just for them. A heterosexual can marriage someone of the same sex too if they want, don't worry, it won't just be a right for homosexuals. They need this special right for it is a freedom. And you should not deprive someone of a freedom unless it is to preserve your own. They need this so called "special right," just as someone with a bad heart needs the special right to go on a donor's list. "Why can't I get a heart?" You don't need one, those with dieing hearts do, and they get a special right to them. Does that mean we should stop giving hearts because it's a special right? Your argument is uselessly stupid. And it's even better than that, in this since you "can get a heart" if you want one. After the legal definition of marriage is changed, you are entitled to the same thing the gays are, even though you still won't be able to get on the donor's list. Man, oh man, in too many ways your argument fails.

The truth is, ladies in gentlemen, you can't deprive someone of a right unless it is to protect one of your own. Like "the right to murder" is deprived to protect your "right to life." Yet too many Americans want to deprive a right simply because they don't like it for reasons even they aren't too clear on. "I don't want some gay looking at me…" "It's sick!" And even try to rationalize it with logically fallacious bullshit that assumes homosexuality = bad. Why do they do this? Why do so many Americans go out of their way to do this if they have no real reason to? I know why.

Peer pressure. I grew up in schools where "gay" was a negative term. "That's gay!" was used in place of "that's stupid!" If someone so much as implies they are homosexual they are made fun of and isolated, even if it's clear they are not homosexual, they are made fun of and laughed at. As a matter of fact, early on if you aver it's "okay" for "others" to be gay the same thing happens. As a matter of fact, if you don't CHIP IN on a conversation making fun of homosexuals, if you don't laugh at homo jokes, then the same thing happens! You must be anti-gay fully, completely, laugh at those who say something accidentally that makes them look gay, chip in on name calling, or else you will be subject to it as well.

Unfortunately, this is the driving case for gay haters. Adults who never grow up hold this in and those same childhood notions remain and they say whatever needs to be said to appear very anti-gay. "I don't want some gay looking at me!" It's clear as day what they are doing. "It's sick!" Yes, you better say that, your peers are judging you.

These people are cowards. These people have no souls. These people, these childish notions are why there is a couple somewhere that loves each other but cannot marry. This is inexcusable.

And the other reason people are anti-gay is because of religion. And, well, need I go on about that crap? First off, separation between church and state, and second off… Well, I don't need a second. I should've of had to say the first. I could not care LESS what you think your unproven God thinks. I could not care less what some ancient texture that could have been written by someone high off marijuana could have written for all you know says. You can believe it if you want to, but if you start to force others to abide by it then… For the love of God just go shoot yourself, save someone some god damn grief you ignorant bigoted moron! I have so little respect for thinking like that your mind cannot comprehend it. I know your mind can't because it can't even comprehend human dignity. Maybe that's why you have none.

Those against homosexuals, against progress of their freedoms… You homo-phobics, you gay-haters… Go f**k yourselves.