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What is faith, exactly? Christians say it is their belief in God and Jesus, etc. Faith is the belief in something that is unproven by logic or evidence. Christians say it themselves; if they had proof for God or Jesus, it wouldn’t be faith they were operating off of. It would be knowledge. So, people believe God and Jesus just because?

Obviously not. There is always a reason to everything. People don’t just find out about Jesus and God on there own. They are taught it. By parents, or pastors, or priests or friends. So, faith, regardless of what the Christians may call it, is not faith in God or Jesus or the Bible. Its faith in people. They believe what their parents taught them to be truth, and do not question it. Infants are programmed this way.


WARNING: The following is very offensive. True, but offensive. Realize that I did not write this out of anger, yet only in an attempt to express rationality. It may appear angry or cruel only because it is missing the "sugar coating" of tolerance people expect from controversial essays. However, I hold honesty higher than your feelings, and would feel like a liar if I did not show my frustration and concern in full. So, here it is: uncensored, unadulterated, and unsympathetic truth. Enjoy.

The whole concept of Christian's Belief in Hell baffles me.

I only have a few things to say on this topic, most of which I hope intellectuals have already deduced. Of course, I would have hoped that Christian intellectuals would have deduced that religion and the Bible are huge, idiotic contradictions and turned Atheist, but that hasn’t happened yet, so here I go:

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