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and now... for a moment of crushing irony! "You hit me: my comrades hit you"

I'm meeting LOTS and LOTS of interesting, undoubtedly shady people under my Assumed Facebook Moniker


Ooooohhhhhhhhh yyyeeeeeesssssssssssss...

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The most... HATED family in America

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What happened to Kellym78, anybody?!

She's... an alcoholic??? What calamity befell her several months ago!?

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Hmmmm.. Huh. HMPH; "You Are 92% Evil"!

I'll NOW suggest I EASILY make a better Antichrist than any other RRS'er (INCLUDING David Mabus!)! Yea or Nea, folks?

The only things standing in my way of 100% were being arrested, using illegal narcotics of some sort*, being so drunk I can't remember things, and using a firearm. Pretty damn easy things to correct!

I can honestly say that I succeeded in corrupting a youth once -without even trying! I was going down the elevator in 'Smolian Clinic', I 'sensed' some little girl staring at me... so I looked down and to my left and I saw some vaguely pubescent kid giving me one of *the* creepiest, staring grins I have EVER GOTTEN, from anyone! So... yeah, I passed that test pretty damn easily. I'm pretty sure this girl was a 'nymphomaniacal sociopath in training', of some sort. But alas...


*...my mother smoked cannabis just a few days before giving birth to me, so yeah, I'd say I passed that test too. That would bring the % up to 94! It also means I have life-long ADD, now. Damn her rotten hide!


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Does anyone have some yummy, tasty, scrumptuous brains? Some bits of cerebral cortex with butter, parmesan cheese, and some mild 100+ proof booze flavoring mixed in for good measure?

 I'll eat anyone's brains!

(And since I like trolling my own RRS blog...)


Can you prove I'm not The Second Coming? The one who comes down upon you from the heavens, to correct you Barbarians from your Infalliby Rational Disbelief? (or some other ridiculous junk?)


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My loyal followers... one of you has BETRAYED ME! XD

I'm just kidding 



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Alright, you guys win. Rationality wins the day (finally?!)... right alongside with atonement.

...and my mania wears down easily on a lower dose of a particular medicine. So while I'm still introspective and level-headed...

(note: a good bit of lewdness follows all of this at the bottom. Down there, I will describe my dream woman just for the sake of my own ego. I've got strange tastes in what I consider 'hotness', in case you haven't noticed yet, but I come by it honestly)

The Doomed Soul wrote:

... this is considered stalking... just a little fyi

It was not my intent to 'stalk' you, or even frighten you. But I've got enough wits to know how to read writing on the wall, and right now those wits say "Fucking leave this girl alone already! Are you so damn stupid you don't even know when to give up?"

So you win. I give up... (and I apologize)

cj wrote:

I agree.  Kapkao, cut it out.  Not nice.  I don't know how doomed is feeling, but I am totally uncomfortable with this.

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Clockcat... question, plz.

ClockCat wrote:
Doomy prefers those that enjoy close combat over ranged weaponry, and only respects strength and martial prowess.

  1. What sort of Martial Prowess are we talking about here? Taekwondo? Ninjitsu? Kung-Fu? Bushido? Fisticuffs? Kick-Boxing? Wrestling? Fencing? Choke-Hold? Boxer Rebellion-ism? Chinese Triad? Yakuza? Testudo Formation? Phalanx Formation?

I need something to strive towards in my (nearly unlimited) spare time........

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I finally scared/pissed everyone away?



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My personalized, typed answer to the Blasphemy Challenge: Deicidal Rage (full of sound and fury, signifying "MEH"!

Wut und mut zu Gott!

as to everything else:



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