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"Forced to wear diapers until he was 20..." (aka MST3K humor)

"Well it's... better to start a film that way than to end one."

"Hey you in the back! This is an anti-machine rally -quit doing the robot!"

"A cyberpunk Van Gogh!"


"I am so leaving this pretentious dick"

"He actually tried acting and it nearly killed him!"

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Amazing, fascinating and... disappointing, all at once.

This is from a poll result taken from facebook.

Initially it was 44.9%=yes  and 55.1%=no

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'Jesus was a compassionate, super-intelligent gay man'


edit1: perhaps I should clarify... I find this interesting because this statement basically pulls the rug out from under a particular branch of the Abrahamic Religions (even if only a little bit)

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Murder of Alabama Biology Dept. Chairman Shocks Community

Murder of Alabama Biology Dept. Chairman Shocks Community
indiawest.com    February 18, 2010 02:09:00 PM 

The local Indian American community of about 1,000 families in Huntsville, Ala., is in a state of shock over the murder of 52-year-old University of Alabama biology department chairman Gopi Podila, one of six victims of an apparently disgruntled professor’s shooting spree Feb. 12 on campus.

Three university professors were shot and killed and another three people were wounded – two of them still in critical condition at press deadline – when Professor Amy Bishop, 42, apparently upset about a denial of tenure, opened fire at about 4 p.m. with a 9mm handgun at a biology department meeting at the Shelby Center, before being pushed outside the room.

The Harvard-educated Ph.D., a wife and mother of four, was later arrested by police and charged with the shootings.

Podila’s two daughters, Bindu, a junior in high school; and Anela, an eighth grader, are helping to console their mother, Vani, a researcher at CFD Research Corp. in Huntsville.

Family members are arriving from Canada and the U.S. and Podila’s brother is coming from India to attend the funeral, which is scheduled Feb. 19 at Berry Hills Funeral Home in Huntsville.

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I BELIEVE... you have my stapler.

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keirsey.com and..... "my temperament(s)" (some inside info on... me, basically)

Here's what I currently could be defined as (and my test result when I gave the most accurate answers possible):

But this is not a picture of how I would like to be understood, in terms of the future...


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Yay me...

I'm off my Prednisone and back on Hydrocortisone......... WHEW, what a fucking relief. Since I'm narcissistic, I can tell already that you are all ready to jump in line and congratulate me on what is obviously a great triumph over evil!

Quark wrote:

Come to Kapkao's blog! Kapkao's blog is FUN! Come right now... don't walk, run!

Just so everyone knows what kind of living hell I've been under for the past two years.........




    * increased blood sugar for diabetics

    * depression, mania, psychosis or other psychiatric symptoms

    * unusual fatigue or weakness

    * mental confusion / indecisiveness

    * painful hips or shoulders

    * insomnia

    * anxiety

    * nervousness

    * sensitive teeth


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"Stuff and nonsense."

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