Hmmmm.. Huh. HMPH; "You Are 92% Evil"!

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I'll NOW suggest I EASILY make a better Antichrist than any other RRS'er (INCLUDING David Mabus!)! Yea or Nea, folks?

The only things standing in my way of 100% were being arrested, using illegal narcotics of some sort*, being so drunk I can't remember things, and using a firearm. Pretty damn easy things to correct!

I can honestly say that I succeeded in corrupting a youth once -without even trying! I was going down the elevator in 'Smolian Clinic', I 'sensed' some little girl staring at me... so I looked down and to my left and I saw some vaguely pubescent kid giving me one of *the* creepiest, staring grins I have EVER GOTTEN, from anyone! So... yeah, I passed that test pretty damn easily. I'm pretty sure this girl was a 'nymphomaniacal sociopath in training', of some sort. But alas...


* mother smoked cannabis just a few days before giving birth to me, so yeah, I'd say I passed that test too. That would bring the % up to 94! It also means I have life-long ADD, now. Damn her rotten hide!


“A meritocratic society is one in which inequalities of wealth and social position solely reflect the unequal distribution of merit or skills amongst human beings, or are based upon factors beyond human control, for example luck or chance. Such a society is socially just because individuals are judged not by their gender, the colour of their skin or their religion, but according to their talents and willingness to work, or on what Martin Luther King called 'the content of their character'. By extension, social equality is unjust because it treats unequal individuals equally.” "Political Ideologies" by Andrew Heywood (2003)

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I'm also pretty damn sure my

I'm also pretty damn sure my mother has Borderline Personality Disorder