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God revealed himself...

I was having a conversation yesterday with a christian who claimed "god revealed himself to me"

I asked, honestly, "did your god show you his penis to you?"

The christian didn't like this comment and was really irritated with me. 

I told them "I'm being honest and no joking around... did your god show you his penis?"

the reply was "no he didn't"

to which I replied, "then how do you know he is a he? and if he is a he, what would he need a penis for?"

the christian was quiet and the rusted gears in their head slowly started to move.

I then asked "if your god has a penis and his a male, does he masturbate? does he have a female god he impregnates? does he have testicles?"

I think I broke their brain because they let out a sigh and then turned to their computer in disgust and waved me off.



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Star Trek Discovery

I'm a big Star Trek fan and have been so since the 70's, long before Star Wars arrived.

Tonight I got to see the new series Discovery and found that in typical Hollywood fashion the really fucked up. Those fucking morons. They got these young nimrods to do the show and they changed everything and tried to "update" it for new viewers. WHAT THE FUCK!

You bunch of retarded pieces of shit. There are too man problems with the show but they obviously just told the entire Star Trek family to go fuck them selves and that they were going to do what ever the fuck they wanted to ruin the ST Universe.

Go fucking shoot yourselves you fucking morons.

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Not every one deserves gun ownership

I would think that they should have had a leash on the dog, but as a hunter this is an obvious issue of being a dumb ass.

I imagine this "hunter" saw the dog and just shot for the fuck of it. If you look at the picture you can see it isn't a fucking wolf.



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Hurricane Fucking Irma

So I just got back Internet, yesterday I got power, but we don't have sewage yet. For a while we had to bag our poop. Not an issue for me. When I was in the Marines I did worse things with poop and pee. However two women in the house it was difficult.

The water never ran out. I got (5) five gallon water containers, filled them with fresh water, bought some caps from online and a special hand pump and I was set.

I filled the tub with water so we could flush but it didn't matter because every thing came back up the toilet.

I was able to get a small generator from my brother which i used 24/7 to power fans and the frezzer/frig. Some neighbors complained but I didn't give a fuck. I needed my CPAP machine and with out the fans running it was unbearable with the humidity.

The night of the storm I didn't sleep at all. The wind was howling like a banshee and the trees hitting our roof. The chimney top ripped off and was banging the side of the house. My wife and daughter slept under the stairs with the dog while I slept upstairs.

When we woke up the high winds were still there, wind gusts up to 90mph. The damage down the street was extensive. thousnads of trees blown over and power loss in almost ever location. Minor damage to the house. However I have to have two trees removed because they are leaning.

There was so much power down that at night you could see the Milky Way in the night sky.

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I didn't even know this fuck tard lived in Florida

This reminds me of that other old fuck tard on the 666 Club.



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Stupid people of Florida

Sigh. People are just plain dumb as fuck.

Hurricanes make people even dumber.

Stupid people just need to die off and leave the people with common sense to continue the survival of the human race.

If there is a god, please kill 18.1 million dumb Floridians and leave the rest of us alone.


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Fucking politicians - Arkansas

I see in Arkansas they put up the 10 commandments at the state capital and it took 24 hours for some one to knock it over and shatter it.

Awesome shit.

Fuck christian politicians who deliberately violate the separation of church and state. 

I wish I could be around when all religions offically die and the last brick of the last church falls and kills the last priest.

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More proof of a broken system and terrible leadership

Obamacare, or the AHA, has been under fire since its conception. The GOP and the right wing agenda has been to make it not work. Remember this. They are working to make it NOT WORK.

Since Drumpf has been in power, he has done every thing he can to make it not work including telling the IRS not to pay out and to not enforce the AHA option. The part about not paying out to insurance companies has made it not profitable which is an example of the stupidity of Drumpf when it comes to protecting the American citizen.

Instead of improving things and fixing things which were wrong with the AHA, Drumpf has proved his inability to lead and make decisions which benefit the majority.

The large insurance companies are not changing their practices either which prevents them from taking advantage of profits. Instead one small company is taking advantage of these options. They are actually expanding coverage in states where the big three are moving out.

This is just one more example of the industry and the government showing their connection to a joint corruption. Instead of benefiting the whole of the country, they wish to benefit only the 1%. They are corrupt.

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A Challenge To All Followers Of God(s)

There can not be only one religion and one god. There can only be "no gods" or "all gods".

If all gods exist then all religions are a lie and are false.

If no gods exist then all religions are a lie and are false.

In order for there to be "one god, one religion" then the source must disprove all other gods (impossible)

So there are no gods.

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Racial slurs and Presidential jokes

I'm sure many have seen the Bill Maher bit where he calls himself a "house nigger" and also seen the Kathy Griffin's photo holding Drumpf's bloody head?

1) Bill Maher did not make a racial slur. A slur is an insinuation or allegation about someone that is likely to insult them or damage their reputation.

2) It was a off the cuff joke response to the comment from his guest about 'working in the field' and he called himself a 'house nigger'

3) If blacks are so offended by the fucking word 'nigger' then stop using it in your stand up routines. It is a double standard for any black comedian to use the word in their routine then say that a white comedian can't use it.


As for Kathy Griffin, the woman is a mess. She has no back bone and no integrity.

1) If you are going to make bold political statements then stand by them. Don't back down from pressure and you should have accepted that you might lose sponsors or gigs from doing such things.

2) Never apologize for something you meant or believed was your constitutional right. Freedom of speech.

3) Ted Nuget and other right-winged nut sacks have made bolder and more insulting comments towards Obama than any thing Griffin created. Some of them have, in my opinion, created violence which resulted in death or injuries to others. Even Drumpf has done such things then claimed he would defend his supporters if they hit the protesters (which is later did not assist them).


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