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I'm so happy that...

I'm happy that Shia LaBeouf isn't going to be in this movie.

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Yankee's telling an opposing fan how to dress?

 It's one thing to have a dress code where you say, "No near nude clothing" or "No clothing with profanity" and maybe "No laser beams". However, telling a fan that they can not wear their team colors is taking away the freedom of speech.

I call bullshit.

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Let's call the Tampa church and congratulate them on their "Christian values," shall we?

 Yes folks, a church in Tampa denied a funeral to a gay man two days before it was supposed to take place because they found out he had a "husband," and they just didn't like that. So I figured I'd give them a call... enjoy! 


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New Sin City movie poster ban

Eva Green is a really pretty woman. She is in the new Sin City movie and they have a poster out with her showing her boobage through a thin silk robe.

You can see it here with the changed poster

However, the banned original is slightly different and to be honest I think the censors were idiots.

We've talked about censor ship previously and this fits right in to the DOH! classification. What were they really thinking?

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Central Florida Sunrail

Tomorrow my daughter and I will try to use the new Sunrail system which opened for business in May. The only reason why I want to try it is because I actually have a opportunity to use it. The rail has a station in Altamonte Springs and goes to Orlando near where my daughter has an event. I figured this is going to be my only chance to use it so WTF, I'll give it a shot.

I plan on getting a two way ticket for me (my daughter is just enough under the age limit that she rides for free, yippee) which will cost me $3.75. Calculating the miles to the station it will cost me (round trip) $3.00 in gas. If I were to drive straight to my destination it would cost me $7.00 (round trip). $7.50 to take the train. $6.00 to drive round trip.

Time though is another factor. To drive to my destination it is 42 minutes round trip. To take the train it is 69 minutes.

When they were planning this "project", our shithead Governor said he refused the Federal money to build a light rail system, but after the voters voted for it he decided that using $1.2 billion of our own tax payer money was a better idea. Not that it makes a huge difference but I would have taken the billions from the Feds.

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Reinventing the wheel

Four months ago I purchased a Nest thermostat and I was very reluctant to do so. I had heard of problems with the 1st generation of thermostats and decided that I didn't need to be lazy and have some smart sensor handling my AC/heater.

After four months I must say I'm glad I spent $250 to get it. After four months I've already lowered my electrical bill by $14 a month which could because of other reasons, but I'm suspecting that the sudden drop in usage is because ot the new device.

What I like most about the device is that it has a feature to learn how long it takes to get your house to a specific temp. So if you set it to 75 and it takes 40 minutes to cool, then it calculates that cool air left in the handler along with the coolant in the lines will have enough umph to still lower your house overall temp if it runs the fan for X amount of seconds. Thus you don't need to run your compressor and the unit is turned off.

While these seconds don't sound like a lot it adds up, cent by cent by cent. By my calculations, a nickel every time I run my AC. Being here in Florida that means a lot because the humidity is the big problem.

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The Grand Delusion

I have realized that there is no such thing as unconditional love.


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What does life mean?

Maybe its because my station in life right now has hit its lowest possible point in recent memory.  Maybe its because my future is terrifyingly uncertain and downright scary in the present.  Hell, maybe its because everyone I seem to have ever known is doing even a little better than me despite my best endeavors.  Sure, argue semantics about things could be worse and its all a matter of perspective as to how you see" doing better in life."  It's all relative, sure, but as time goes on, I realize that all my ideals have gotten me in a stagnant reality.  What's it matter if I don't believe in a god?  I'm alienated and looked at differently by those that do believe seeing a missing piece of the human condition being forcibly removed like a faulty computer chip by a mad doctor.  Of course those that don't believe see what I've done as a necessary recall to rectify bloatware, but the end game of that has made little impact on our overall social evolution; news stories and current global conflicts remind me of that daily.  What's it matter if I don't believe in the economy?  Everyone loves the almighty dollar and it won't go away, at least not some form of it, until the human race is eventually erased by time.  What's it matter if I believe in a social redesign or resource based economy?  The masses of denial, instant gratification and self-preservation is too pervasive to warrant a full on mass awakening as naive as I am to think that and those that join my thought process are too weak to cause a dramatic shove

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Legal Immortality

As someone who has fairly well formed political ideals and philosophy, it is rare that a political issue comes up that I struggle with developing a cohesive and defensible position on. However, one such issue has recently come to my attention thanks to a lawsuit that my company is going to be involved in. I have passively known about conservation easements for some time, howver, I had never really had cause to put significant thought into them before now. Having studied them much more thoroughly, I have found the idea of perpetual easements very disturbing, but can't come up with a sufficient reason to oppose them.

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Faking out hackers

Roughly 15 years ago I suggested to friends in the IT department that the best way to defeat hackers is to decieve them. My suggestion to my boss at the time was to setup a fake network filled with bogus information. The company I worked for was a credit card company and we had constant issues with security being tested by outside attacks and were always looking for new ways to defend.

My boss, being the typical book learned, college grad, thinking inside the box idiot, told me no. It was a stupid idea.

I knew better.

I used to run a BBS during the 80's and 90's. I was a member of several different pirate groups and I was always afraid I'd get caught like so many others Sysops.

I tried many different BBS programs for security purposes but the best idea I ever came up with was not what I used, but how I presented it.

I had setup a fake login when you first connected to my BBS. You'd get a DOS prompt from a very unfriendly system. Type DIR and find a slew of .EXE's to run. As you sat there trying the .EXE's the system was keeping count of your trial and error. Unfortunately for the trouble maker, the .EXE never was there and the only way you knew about it was from "word of mouth".

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