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Bill Nye Saves The World?

I watched the first three episodes and they sucked. He needs to fire his creative team and the director. The show sucks donkey balls. It's an embarrassment to my memories of Bill Nye when I was a kid.

He has strayed from the world of science. He has become a celebrity.

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Donald and The Stroke

I agree with Howard Stern. Trump is sucking giant cock right now. He misses his old life and being President isn't fun. Why?

It's because Trump is a self centered egotistical piece of shit. He isn't a servant to any one or a civil servant to the public. Even if he pawns off most of his responsibilities to henchmen/women he still has an entire world to deal with 24/7.

I laugh because this is a good example of the ego's stupidity that gets people in trouble every day.

Donald won't need to be fired, impeached or be shot. He'll have a stroke or heart attack before he finishes his only term. If by some miracle this fuck makes it four years, the moron will have learned his lesson and he'll be a one term President.


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A tribute to a friend

One of my good friends from school is in Hospice now. He's been fighting cancer for 10 years now. He developed these splotches all over his body and they spread almost making him look sort of blackish. Some parts of his body were covered with more than others but for a long time no doctors knew what they were. He then developed a tumor on his shoulder and they submitted him to tons of tests and treatments. The shrunk it, then operated. They thought he was done but then the tumor grew back even after taking half of his shoulder out.

Then after hundreds of hours of treatments he developed another baseball tumor on his neck. They didn't know where the source was coming from.

A week ago he developed pneumonia and went in to the hospital. They released him then told him to go home and seek Hospice.

His weakened state prevented him from fighting off the infection. Years of chemo caused his immune system to be ineffective.

When I found out today I went to the house to visit. His wife and kids were stronger than me. I broke down crying. He was a shell of the man I knew. No hair. scrawny boney body.

I asked if there was any thing else? Did they try every thing?

I will miss him if his passes. He was one of those guys that every one liked. He taught me about the Blues and taught me about smoking meats/BBQing. He taught me about fishing. He taught me to drink. He taught me so much about life.

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Longwood City Hall with Cross

I live in Longwood and I just found this article on a cross that is on public property at city hall.

The cross is being displayed in the back of the city commissioner's room and it is sort of being held there until it can be moved to a permant display.

I have mixed feelings about it but in reality it isn't being posted out in front or "in your face". Heck, I didn't even know it was there and don't care as long as they don't take it out before a meeting, pray to it and say things like "let's kill all non-believers".

I think Rebecca Markert just doesn't have enough to do with her life and is wasting time and resources that could be used on more productive projects.


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where trump's policies really lead

i just received word last night through my wife that our very good friend's brother, who's lived in the US illegally for twenty years and fathered three children there, had a court hearing day before yesterday and will be deported. he didn't come to america on a makeshift raft, nor smuggled in a fruit truck. he came from slovakia as a student, and by the time his student visa expired, he had already begun working and saw the opportunity for a new and better life for his family. i'm not sure why he didn't pursue legal status, but, having been through the process myself (in slovakia), i'm sure it had something to do with lack of funds and wanting to get down to the business of earning money and raising an upstanding family, rather than devoting precious time to an uncertain and needlessly byzantine process. he has since become a successful businessman and positive asset to the community. he hasn't been back to his home country in 17 or 18 years because he has always been afraid they won't let him back into the US. his oldest son, who was fathered in slovakia and thus is not an american citizen (so i'm told; i have no idea what his immigrant status is), is already so successful at 18 that he drives a tesla. now he may very well have to set aside his youthful dreams to become breadwinner for the family if they do not emigrate to slovakia, which is not an attractive option for them. or will the state now help bear the burden of raising these lawfully american children, now that they've taken away their primary provider? i doubt it.

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Trump is a traitor

Trump is a complete traitor. He would sell off America to make a quick buck.

I am baffled by the position of those who bury their heads in the sand and ignore the truth.


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Am I alone?

I don't watch the news any more. I don't read it. I don't listen to it. I however do pick up stuff here and there.

Am I the only one who knows, who has known, the Trump is mentally ill? Seriously. Holy fucking shit batman. Holy fucking shit.

If Trump was any regular joe he would be the old man down at the end of your street who yells at kids who happen to lose their ball on his roof and complain to the HOA that all young adults are doing drugs and fucking in the streets.

If Trump wasn't well off he'd be in an asylum or on heavy doses of medication.

He's a fucking sick mother fucker, no, he's a sick daughter fucker.

We are all seriously fucked up. We are all in a world of crazy shit.

He's not just nuts or a little touched in the head. The guy is fucking bat shit crazy.

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CNN 60's 70's and 80's documentaries

I have been watching on Netflix the CNN review of the previous decades. They are a multiple part documentary for each decade using old footage and news reports for a variety of subjects. Music, Politics, War, Crime, Abortion, Gays, Religion and Television are a few examples of what they cover.

It is amazing to be reminded of shit which happened thirty or forty years ago. Interviews with Trump, which I can't believe no one used his old interviews to play as an anti-election commercial. Terrorism and gangs from beyond what we see today. Corruption, hate and violence seemed to be a trend which carried through the various decades.

Of the most interesting stories is how religious people who believe in their religion attempt to force their views on every one. Anti-gay and anti-abortion campaigns were amazing to see this long ago. The people then were just as terrible then as they are today, in some cases even more vocal with what needed to be done. 

The IRA/British fighting in the 70's and 80's had been forgotten by me. Seeing the fighting again brought back a lot of memories of my youth. Watching the news reports on the bombings.  Also the Munich games when the Israeli athletes were taken hostage and then the killing of 10 of them.

The terrorists are saying the same thing now that they said in the 70's and 80's. Their targets are similar but the message is the same. In the 70's there were over 1,000 bombings each year between 1973 and 1978.

If you get an opportunity to see them I found them informative.

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Rogue One (spoilers)

 What is it about these writers who get paid a ton of money but put out scripts which suck?

I saw Rogue One on xmas eve when a lot of my in-laws where in town. It was good but damn was it filled with issues. I can get over some of the smaller stuff like why a storm trooper could get knocked out in a fight with a weak stick or by some terrible choregraphing. The fight scenes really sucked.

But on to the more serious flaws.

Can any one explain to me why Darth Vader is chasing after the disc at the end, the disc with the plans on it, only to see it take off in an escape ship? Which later in A New Hope, Vader asks Princess Leia about the transmissions beamed aboard her ship?

Well is it discs or is it transmissions? Make up your fucking mind!

Also, what the fuck was Princess Leia doing in the battle? Did they even think the logic of this script out? It is completely illogical for them to warp in to the battle with Princess Leia onboard with the chance that she was going to get slaughtered. Hell. Why not make multiple copies of the disc and send them out in all directions? Why didn't other ships in the attack receive the transmissions?


Besides the special effects the entire script sucked donkey balls. I can't believe this is the best they can do.

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On the election of Donald Trump a teenager writes to her school

The following is being reposted with permission from a friend.  Her 17 year old daughter recently sent this letter to her school.

I would like to address the results of this presidential election, and propose a constructive response to the uncertainty it entails. You may praise this email, you may respond angrily, you may simply ignore it, you may respond as you choose. I write this email only in hopes of uniting our student body, or at the very least offering to those who share my frustration, fear, and confusion a voice of hope and sanity. (Besides, if one student can vent his frustrations over a $0.25 raise in Mentos prices to the entire student body, I believe I have the right to reach students who share my concerns in hopes of creating something positive out of an unfortunate situation.)

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