God revealed himself...

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I was having a conversation yesterday with a christian who claimed "god revealed himself to me"

I asked, honestly, "did your god show you his penis to you?"

The christian didn't like this comment and was really irritated with me. 

I told them "I'm being honest and no joking around... did your god show you his penis?"

the reply was "no he didn't"

to which I replied, "then how do you know he is a he? and if he is a he, what would he need a penis for?"

the christian was quiet and the rusted gears in their head slowly started to move.

I then asked "if your god has a penis and his a male, does he masturbate? does he have a female god he impregnates? does he have testicles?"

I think I broke their brain because they let out a sigh and then turned to their computer in disgust and waved me off.



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 Yea but we can talk about

 Yea but we can talk about the patriarchal history of ALL the world's religions, including Hinduism and Buddhism. You wont see a female Dali Lama anytime soon just ike you wont see a female Catholic Pope anytime soon.


Even in ancient polytheism like the Egyptians, Romans and Greeks whom had goddesses, even then the head top God of that pantheon was always male, and the goddesses were really only dipected as suplements to make the head male gods look good. 

Point being in all of antiquity humans had no clue that females contributed half our species DNA. Humans falsely confused size and brawn as being superior instead of what evolution proves now, just one attribute but not more important. Thus most of the world's religions have male figures, both in holy writings and holy leadeers.



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