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Dumb people should be put out of their misery

I think there should be a law. Execute dumb people who do dumb things instantly.

Trying to take your pic with a wild raccoon is just plain stupid. Then having to kill the animal because of your stupidity? You should be castrated.

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Be careful what you are eating

In Feb of 2014 I went out to eat with my wife for Valentine Day. I was in a lot of pain and while my wife knew of my physical issues, she didn't know just how much pain I was experiencing. My joints and muscles had almost completely seized up. The pain was so intense that when I got out of bed in the morning I had to sit on the side of the bed and wait for several minutes while I adjusted. I then had to use the nightstand and the bedpost to help me up. I had actually thought about getting a walker, the kind you see old people using, just to help me get up in the morning.

When I walked I could only shuffle my feet. It impossible to walk down the stairs normally. I had to step down with my left foot. Stop. The bring my right foot down next. When I sat down on the couch I would plop down because it was too painful to actually lower myself down. When I got up you needed a crane to lift me up. The pain in my hips was so intense that I winced and my knees buckled. When I finally did stand I wobbled and it took me a few seconds to be able to move.

That evening I had dinner with my wife was the last straw. As I slowly got in to the car I felt 125 years old. For years I had thought the abuse of my body playing sports had taken its toll on my body. I was a true athlete. I did every thing. Softball, baseball, football, field hockey, wrestling, swimming, tennis, racquetball, cross country, etc. You could find me running 5k, 10k or half marathons practically every weekend.

My son sent this email to a prospective college emphasizing Christianity

My son just sent a letter to a prosepective University.  With a good idea that the school wasn't right for him based solely on it's emphasis of Christianity, he decided to air it out.  Here is a snippet of the letter....

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No Democracy

These last few weeks I have been reading and watching stuff on the origins of Democracy. I was most fond of a documentary on the ancient Greeks and the formation of Democracy from their humble beginnings.

As I watched the program I realized that today in America and as well in other countries which claim to be democratic, they are in fact not democratic.

I say this because from what I have seen considering the US government, while they are supposed to represent the people of the country, they do not do so. In fact I believe they represent the rich and the documentary actually touched on this subject. Rich people hated democracy because it was about being ruled by the middle class and the poor. Very few people were rich and the fact that the non-wealthy people could have the same vote ruined their plans.

The Greeks had measures to stop corruption, something which our government does not use because they are in fact corrupt. There is no true representation of the people because of gerrymandering, fraud and bribery. The people are not represented.

While it is true that we all have the right to vote and many of us do vote, our vote does not count as a one equals one scenario. It is actually a situation were only the wealthy can avoid voting completely and still get what they want from the government.


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For all the dumb ignorant fucks in Florida

I am not completely stunned but I do now have a less favorable opinion of the typical Florida voter. They are dumb fucking ignorant.

I can live with the amendment for legal medicine pot not passing.

I can live with Rick Scott winning even though he took part in fleecing the US tax payer money millions if not billions.

However, voting the cunt Pam Bondi back in to office is a complete farce. Holy fucking shit Florida. It wasn't even close and you still voted the a lying, bribe taking, self centered, self serving, no integrity, corrupt, a walking conflict of interest back in to office by 15 points.


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Where has every one gone?

I have been on these forums for many years and seen plenty of people come and go. However the forums don't have many theists any more. Did you guys scare them away while I was on hiatus?

Where art thou theist? Did the lack of factual evidence cause you to flee?

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Give Yourself a Raise

Give yourself a raise.


Some idiot who works for Wells Fargo decided to send an e-mail to the CEO and CCd 200,000 fellow employees. I'll ignore the fact that such a move is an incredibly bad decision if you have any desire for advancement, it also is a demonstrable example of extreme ignorance. If he wants a raise, it has been perfectly within his power to give it to himself. Wells Fargo is profitable now, it hasn't been the whole 7 years he has worked for them. He had an opportunity to share in the great profits the company is currently generating, he decided not to.


Suppose for example that he decided to purchase a modest amount of Wells Fargo stock each quarter since he has been employed. Say $500, that is $125/month, certainly a reasonable amount of money for someone who makes $15/hour to come up with. Using actual stock prices, today he would be the owner of roughly 485 shares. (The exact number would vary depending on the actual timing of the purchases).


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American Sniper

This is a story of Chris Kyle

I'm glad I never took the path of being a Marine Corps sniper. I don't think I would have wanted to be put in this position. Do you shoot? Is it just a kid? does he have a bomb? who's on the cell phone?

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Perfect example of shows which should be produced but aren't

I remember seeing this show on Adult Swim like ten years ago, then it disappeared.


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I'm so happy that...

I'm happy that Shia LaBeouf isn't going to be in this movie.

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