Hurricane Fucking Irma

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So I just got back Internet, yesterday I got power, but we don't have sewage yet. For a while we had to bag our poop. Not an issue for me. When I was in the Marines I did worse things with poop and pee. However two women in the house it was difficult.

The water never ran out. I got (5) five gallon water containers, filled them with fresh water, bought some caps from online and a special hand pump and I was set.

I filled the tub with water so we could flush but it didn't matter because every thing came back up the toilet.

I was able to get a small generator from my brother which i used 24/7 to power fans and the frezzer/frig. Some neighbors complained but I didn't give a fuck. I needed my CPAP machine and with out the fans running it was unbearable with the humidity.

The night of the storm I didn't sleep at all. The wind was howling like a banshee and the trees hitting our roof. The chimney top ripped off and was banging the side of the house. My wife and daughter slept under the stairs with the dog while I slept upstairs.

When we woke up the high winds were still there, wind gusts up to 90mph. The damage down the street was extensive. thousnads of trees blown over and power loss in almost ever location. Minor damage to the house. However I have to have two trees removed because they are leaning.

There was so much power down that at night you could see the Milky Way in the night sky.

I see there is another storm coming but honestly I want it to hit some one else or just go away. I never want to experience something worse that what I did for the last week. I can imagine it getting worse but holy shit, Kirk Cameron is fucking cock sucking butt muncher for saying what he said; that fucker is a complete tool.

I think we take too much for granted. We live our lives with our electronics and comforts of home life here in America and forget what other people must be going through in poor countries.

We are too materialistic.

I'm thankful for what I have and that my family is safe.

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 While I have not been


While I have not been affected in any severe mannor by a hurricane, I do live on the cost of NC, so it wont be a matter of if, but when. We had Mathew affect SC/NC, but my neighborhood worst thing was broken branches and pudding lawn. 

I am now going to replace my 40 year old trailer home, but the thought of replacing it only to have a hurricane flatten it later does concern me. But my house has problems like floor rot, leaky roof and my septic tank crapped out on me. The good thing is that I have the money to replace my house, and until I get things started, as long as I don't repeatedly flush, I don't get backup. 


One thing about trailer homes I learned and frankly, I think partical board should be fucking illegal to use in any home, especially for flooring. When I get my new one, I will insist that the flooring be treated sealed wood so that there wont be any floor rot. I am also going to check on flood insurance too. 


I really do feel for those in Texas and Florida, especially the working poor whom don't have the money to recover. Even with my home problems not being hurricane related, I feel lucky my mom left me with enough to fix things. 

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The services down here are

The services down here are messed up. I found out that my work is on a grid which is not even near our office. We had four buildings in our complex. Two of them were up and running in two days. The third on the fourth. Our building, still out.

Across the street, an ice cream stand has full power, but the houses behind it and the buildings down the road for three miles are alll with out power.

It's ridiculous. Even my wife's business has no power.