Star Trek Discovery

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I'm a big Star Trek fan and have been so since the 70's, long before Star Wars arrived.

Tonight I got to see the new series Discovery and found that in typical Hollywood fashion the really fucked up. Those fucking morons. They got these young nimrods to do the show and they changed everything and tried to "update" it for new viewers. WHAT THE FUCK!

You bunch of retarded pieces of shit. There are too man problems with the show but they obviously just told the entire Star Trek family to go fuck them selves and that they were going to do what ever the fuck they wanted to ruin the ST Universe.

Go fucking shoot yourselves you fucking morons.

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 Thanks for the

 Thanks for the warning.


Never got into the original. But did like Nex Generation and Voyager. I would think the younger generations might get into it, just like I was not into the original but the sequils.

Just like I was not into Sean Connery as the original Bond, but did like Moore, Dalton and Brosnin.


I will admit, it is very hard TV or movies to follow up a blockbuster. I love Big Bang Theory, but Young Sheldon, I watched the first episod last night and am not sure how I feel about it.


Sometimes a follow up does justice. Just like Cobert split from Stewart and Trever Noah is doing a great job now on the Daily Show.


But I get it, it is hard to follow up on a classic.

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Star Trek died after

Star Trek died after Enterprise. Fortunately there's always a chance of resurrection. But that chance gets slimmer every year.

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Vastet wrote:Star Trek died

Vastet wrote:
Star Trek died after Enterprise. Fortunately there's always a chance of resurrection. But that chance gets slimmer every year.

I liked Enterprise. It was a good show. Too bad Millennial douche bags got put in charge of Discovery. I know I could have made a better. show that this shit they are putting out.

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 I guess we'll find out how

 I guess we'll find out how much people like it this week to see if they stay subscribed after their free trial.  I'm kinda in the middle on this show. I still want to see more. The new look of the Klingons is kinda hard to get used to. It seems like they're going for a Game of Thrones vibe with them.

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 A started watching The

 A started watching The Orville today and really like it. It has some over the top humor but I like the change of pace. It will be a while to see if they work out some of the character development with out screwing up the 'spoof" portion of the show.

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The Orville is a much better

The Orville is a much better show than Discovery. It is not only more thought provoking, it's funny, the characters are interesting and the humor makes the show glide along.