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Hey there, truth-seekers! Ready for a mind-bending journey? We've got just the place for you! Introducing our groundbreaking Facebook group where atheists and theists collide in a clash of ideas and perspectives. If you're up for questioning the untenable nature of theistic beliefs, this is the community for you. We're all about fostering respectful discussions while dismantling irrationality.

Atheists, share content that exposes the flaws in theistic belief and help theists reconsider their deeply ingrained ideas.

Theists, defend your beliefs if you dare, but be prepared to embrace the nuggets of science and critical thinking that challenge the very foundation of your worldview. In this community, we break down barriers, challenge assumptions, and celebrate the power of rationality. Join us now and let your voice be heard in the quest for truth!

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On the election of Donald Trump a teenager writes to her school

The following is being reposted with permission from a friend.  Her 17 year old daughter recently sent this letter to her school.

I would like to address the results of this presidential election, and propose a constructive response to the uncertainty it entails. You may praise this email, you may respond angrily, you may simply ignore it, you may respond as you choose. I write this email only in hopes of uniting our student body, or at the very least offering to those who share my frustration, fear, and confusion a voice of hope and sanity. (Besides, if one student can vent his frustrations over a $0.25 raise in Mentos prices to the entire student body, I believe I have the right to reach students who share my concerns in hopes of creating something positive out of an unfortunate situation.)

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Christians are so loving... a compilation of works from the haters...

As you may well know, we have a special mail bag section on our message board to display our responses to letters we receive. Some letters are so far below us that they warrant no response. These letters speak for themselves and say much more about the sender than they say about RRS. Someday when we write an RRS book, the last chapter will be an extensive compilation of letters just like this. Most of these are from Christians, however some will be from atheists, agnostics, and other forms of theists.

This is just a few days worth, we'll update this blog later with more as we get them.

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