Kill 'em with Kindness

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Suppose it could be proven you were wrong--how would your life change?965 years 18 weeks ago
by bfish
5 years 12 weeks ago
by FurryCatHerder
Food for freethought [Kill Em With Kindness]978 years 17 weeks ago
by Chriswithac
8 years 15 weeks ago
Atheism9815 weeks 3 days ago
by David Henson
14 weeks 21 hours ago
by digitalbeachbum
Our Creationism Is Only Ever As Good As Your Evolutionism!1059 years 47 weeks ago
by newmodeltheist
9 years 46 weeks ago
by newmodeltheist
Are Atheists Born Or Made?1079 years 37 weeks ago
by Gosai
9 years 31 weeks ago
by razorphreak
An Honest Question for Theists.1099 years 35 weeks ago
by Maragon
9 years 26 weeks ago
by jmm
You Do Believe In God1177 years 34 weeks ago
by stgemma
7 years 17 weeks ago
by mellestad
science vs. religion / search for fact vs. search for comfort? [Kill Em With Kindness]1238 years 25 weeks ago
by bodhi smith
8 years 23 weeks ago
by RhadTheGizmo
Issues when debating the historical Jesus12810 years 21 weeks ago
by gdon
10 years 1 week ago
by Rook_Hawkins
*Alert* New Christian Member detected - depose now:13110 years 2 weeks ago
by unixrab
9 years 33 weeks ago
by bzeurunkl
Questions for christians: more trinitarianism1469 years 1 week ago
by zarathustra
5 years 22 weeks ago
by caposkia
Can Omniscience and Freewill co-exist?1509 years 32 weeks ago
by Tarpan
4 years 40 weeks ago
by TIME IS A LIE! (not verified)
The Atheist Challenge [Kill Em With Kindness]1559 years 9 weeks ago
by pyrokineticist
8 years 24 weeks ago
by Burning space beam
To all theists: Why do you believe? [kill em with kindness]1746 years 44 weeks ago
by B166ER
6 years 8 weeks ago
by butterbattle
Would proving evolution to be fact, really affect believers of Christianity? [Kill Em With Kindness] 1818 years 41 weeks ago
by ryandinan
7 years 9 weeks ago
by mellestad
Questions for a Christian?2179 years 18 weeks ago
by Crossover
4 years 5 weeks ago
by vBlueSki
Noony vs Furry, an invitation to PROBLEM SOLVING.2615 years 2 weeks ago
by Brian37
4 years 51 weeks ago
by A_Nony_Mouse
What ever happened to god's miracles?2618 years 42 weeks ago
by Renshia
6 years 48 weeks ago
by Sterculius
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