Kill 'em with Kindness

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Suppose it could be proven you were wrong--how would your life change?965 years 48 weeks ago
by bfish
5 years 42 weeks ago
by FurryCatHerder
Food for freethought [Kill Em With Kindness]978 years 47 weeks ago
by Chriswithac
8 years 46 weeks ago
Atheism9845 weeks 4 days ago
by David Henson
44 weeks 1 day ago
by digitalbeachbum
Our Creationism Is Only Ever As Good As Your Evolutionism!10510 years 25 weeks ago
by newmodeltheist
10 years 24 weeks ago
by newmodeltheist
Are Atheists Born Or Made?10710 years 15 weeks ago
by Gosai
10 years 9 weeks ago
by razorphreak
An Honest Question for Theists.10910 years 13 weeks ago
by Maragon
10 years 4 weeks ago
by jmm
You Do Believe In God1178 years 12 weeks ago
by stgemma
7 years 47 weeks ago
by mellestad
science vs. religion / search for fact vs. search for comfort? [Kill Em With Kindness]1239 years 3 weeks ago
by bodhi smith
9 years 1 week ago
by RhadTheGizmo
Issues when debating the historical Jesus12810 years 51 weeks ago
by gdon
10 years 31 weeks ago
by Rook_Hawkins
*Alert* New Christian Member detected - depose now:13110 years 32 weeks ago
by unixrab
10 years 11 weeks ago
by bzeurunkl
Questions for christians: more trinitarianism1469 years 32 weeks ago
by zarathustra
6 years 3 days ago
by caposkia
Can Omniscience and Freewill co-exist?15010 years 10 weeks ago
by Tarpan
5 years 18 weeks ago
by TIME IS A LIE! (not verified)
The Atheist Challenge [Kill Em With Kindness]1559 years 39 weeks ago
by pyrokineticist
9 years 2 weeks ago
by Burning space beam
To all theists: Why do you believe? [kill em with kindness]1747 years 22 weeks ago
by B166ER
6 years 38 weeks ago
by butterbattle
Would proving evolution to be fact, really affect believers of Christianity? [Kill Em With Kindness] 1819 years 19 weeks ago
by ryandinan
7 years 39 weeks ago
by mellestad
Questions for a Christian?2179 years 48 weeks ago
by Crossover
4 years 35 weeks ago
by vBlueSki
Noony vs Furry, an invitation to PROBLEM SOLVING.2615 years 32 weeks ago
by Brian37
5 years 29 weeks ago
by A_Nony_Mouse
What ever happened to god's miracles?2619 years 20 weeks ago
by Renshia
7 years 26 weeks ago
by Sterculius
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