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Why Should Atheist Care About Satanism?

Why I think Satanism is Relevant to us as Atheists, Skeptics, and Science Activists.

I am obviously paying attention to Satanism.

There are good reasons for this.

Satanism is the only "religion" that I can find that does not believe in the supernatural.

When I was a young boy I tried to dabble with Satanism, but I failed to do so because I believed that there really was a supernatural "magick," I suppose that with a childish mind, one fails to grasp the subtlety of the theatrics of satanic rituals and assumes prematurely that it is real supernatural witchcraft.

I missed this point as a child, just as all who miss this point now are currently children.

I was attracted to Satanism as a source of power and affirmation. I guess much like many use motivational tapes to provide, only in Satanism they don't make shit up like so many motivational speakers do.

No Satanism says life is hard, and rough, and often monstrous.

As someone who was sexually abused I could only concur.

But Satanists are epicureans who say find pleasure where you can, but never let pleasure be your ruler, because you must also be the ruler of all you can.

As a fan of Herr Nitezsche I can only see this worldview with fondness.

I failed as a child to see that Satanist do not believe in magic, or spirits, and I just descended into a fantasy world.

Then I traded one fantasy world for another when I became a christian.

Finally, today as a disciple of reality Satanism has caught my eye again.

Now, let me make myself clear. I am not a Satanist.

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New Podcasts

These are some podcast episodes, revolving around skepticism and evolution.

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Homeless Guy

Yesterday I went jogging, and jogged all the way to a nearby grocery store that has a branch of my bank.

I arrived at my grocery store and began to hunt for my chosen poison, Diet Mountain Dew, lots of xanthines (caffeine) and no sugar! 

I come by the little coffee shop area of the grocery store, and I see what I think is a prayer meeting.

How do I know it was a prayer meeting?

I don't.

But I sure did go to a lot of morning prayer meetings when I was a christian, I know they are a fad, I know how they work, and I think this was one.

There is a homeless guy sitting next to them at a separate table and he has food all over his beard, he has surrounded himself with crumpled pieces of newspaper surrounding his chair, and he is weeping.

For some reason the orderly instinct kicks in.

If you haven't been following this blog then I should tell you that I was once an orderly at an institution for the mentally retarded and mentally ill. I have sense developed a good sense of when someone is mentally retarded or mentally ill.

So this poor bastard, who had built a newspaper fortress around himself, was definitely mentally ill.

I walk up to him, he extends his hand, which is covered in chewed food and possibly vomit.

I take his hand, though you better believe I hesitated.

 But I held his dirty hand, he had open sores on his arm, and he was still weeping.

He asked me to pray for him.

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Another Black and White Episode: Peak Oil

This guy has moved away from religion this episode. But I figure enough of us are interested in oil as well.

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Hopefully this posts a Podcast Player for you Guys

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Dr. Zach from the Evolution 101 Podcast

Hey Everyone,

There is a new podcast episode up, with an interview with Dr. Zach the host of the Evolution 101 podcast.

Its a great episode.

It also has segments on the science of marijuana and 9-11 conspiracy theories.

As usual it can be found at:



I also have a rant on the intelligencia and politics from our own Permenent Defendent, though he goes under a different handle on the podcast.


In fact I'm interested in having more RRS voices on the podcast, so let me know if you're interested. 

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My Friend Captain Caveman

Rolling like a truck tire,
The time is here to burn religion down on the pyre.

With your words I'm no longer tired.
May you never retire.

Tellin the truth,
Gettin called aloof,
Like this is a fake spoof,
But we still raise the roof!

My Great Friend Captain Caveman

I write this now with the permission of my beloved comrade of whom the title is named. He is a brother to me as much as my biological siblings. He and I share much, and always will.

When I met my brother Captain Caveman it was at a  party given by a bull rider.

That’s right, a party given by a bull rider.

I was a 16 year old goth prince of darkness.  A tormented Satanist who made evil love to the songs of Nine Inch Nails and the Cure. Oh and the love I made then often still makes me yearn for fucking!

My girlfriend and I were at this party. She was a naughty girl and had often resisted my satanic advances, but was at last mine.

There was a guy there who looked like Encino Man.

Encino Man is a movie which stars Pauly Shore, and is about a caveman that was thawed out of ice and becomes stoner -skater extraordinaire in Encino, California.

This Encino Man bastard manhandled my woman’s buttocks.

That’s right he was playing with my woman’s ass, and she was letting him.

She was very naughty.

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Feelin a Little Loony

Okay, I was trying to dream up something clever to write for you guys right now but its 10 til midnight and I'm trying desperately to get my shit together.

So I guess this is just going to have to be a sleepy, this is what is going on in my life.

Okay, first thing first. The best podcast on the internet is:


This is the Dawn and Drew show, its not my typical thing. Its not a science or atheist show, but it is so awesome!

If you are thinking about killing yourself, this show will save your life. Its so good!

Today I interviewed DJ Grothe from Point of Inquiry for the podcast. I also interviewed Rebecca Watson from he Skeptics Guide to the Universe Podcasts and skepchick.org.

I also interviewed Jesee Hyde who wrote the cover article of the current Dallas Observer Evolution article.

Oooh-ooh and last but not least Zach Moore, the podcaster of the awesome Evolution 101 podcast.

So I have four awesome interviews, with four amazing people, and now I need to hurry up and post 4 SHOWS!!!!!!

I am going to a party at 9 eyes tattoo this weekend, this is the classiest tattoo shop I have ever seen.

I am also tired and really in Love with my AWESOME wife!!!!

My wife is like a priestess of Loki, a goddess of Chaos.

She fills me with jackolantern fire,

It gives me fury and joy all at once.

She makes me Caesar,

She is my greatest source of joy.

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New Episode of Black and White

I found this guy's YouTube show looking for blaspheme challenges.

I have become a huge fan, he seems so honest and so real and so nice.

Its a nice contrast to me.

He's also listened to my podcast!

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 So I find myself at the hipster coffee shop Brazil in the Deep Ellum area of town getting ready to go to 9 Eyes Tattoo studio and schedule my next tattoo.


The brain and crossbones that was the love child of Michael Bishop and myself. The logo of the Mindcore: Shockjock of Science Podcast. 


Thats how stoked I am about doing this, that I am getting a logo tattoo like some kid dreaming about how his punk band is destined for legendary status like the Misfits or the immortal Black Flag!


I feel like I did when I was a kid in a punk band. 


What do you want me to say?


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