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My Thoughts on Marriage



My Thoughts on Marriage #1


by Mindcore 




So lets discuss the institution of marriage. 


First lets all take a big disturbing look at the elephant in the middle of the room:


Why would anyone get married?


Lets examine some basic scientific facts.


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The Trouble With Islam

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The Blaspheme Challenge from My Awesome Cohost the Reverend Goodcop!

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If you don't listen...
You will get CANCER!!!!!!!
actually you'll probably just get it anyways.

hugs and kisses,



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Mangy the Squirrel #1


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The Heroic Work of the Rational Response Squad

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Your Life is a Love Story

Everyone’s Life is a Love Story

That’s really the way I see it.

Not just romantic love, but love for what you do. Passion in life for me is life at its fullest, the good faith of Sartre. Nothing is more life affirming than trying to love what you do.

When you love what you do you can somehow feel more, the air fills your lungs with a certain ballet that it lacks when you dread what you do.

For me this is life.

Nothing supernatural is necessary to take life by the balls in this way.

Its just to really treasure the highly limited time that you have in this world, the seizing the day becomes a steamy romance of life.

I love my life.

I treasure it, I try to see things happen by my own hands.

I don’t do this because I think I’m better than anyone, but rather because I wish everyone would do the same.

That everyone would live with passion, that would be a world worth living in.

But the thing is that I believe that we do this to a certain extent unconsciously.

If you live to get home and watch the newest episode of Heroes or Survivor on your TV or computer that’s  the love story of your life right now.

If you live for your kids, that’s the love story of your life right now.

I think its what happens regardless. But like any good love affair, it could always be more intense, more passionate, more arousing, and more rewarding.

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New Logo

This my new logo which was done by Micheal Bishop using some of my artwork.

Micheal Bishop is my secret weapon.

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Some of My Art

Some of My Artwork

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Final Lessons from Mental Retardation

As always I ask that you give my podcast a listen



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