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Reflections on My Life Right Now

I’m a senior now in college.  I have less than a year to finish if I don’t fuck up.

I am happily married to a great woman, who is the only woman who could ever be my wife. 

The pod cast is  going extremely well. Its been going for about  a month and a half and if I’m analyzing the listening patterns and statistics that the website gives me correctly I have about 300 regular listeners.  That’s up from about 200 regular listeners in the beginning of February.

With those kind of numbers the natural progression for me is to keep doing it.

300 people are literally coming and listening to half an hour to an hour of me and my friends talking about science!

So far its been a great adventure and the biggest high I’ve had in years.

With 300 regular listeners it seemed the next natural progression was advertising.

I’m still figuring that out.

I have 2 clients right now , Evolvefish.com and Zeus comics.

Bawls energy drinks has told me that they are interested in being a corporate sponsor of the pod cast.

Today I have an ad appointment with 9 eyes tattoo studio which is all but already shook on.

But for these successes and others that I am not mentioning, there have been at least half a dozen attempts of me to make a sale.

Most people in Dallas who own businesses seem to not  know what the hell a pod cast is.

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My Ubermensch

I believe, like one of my philosophical heros Nietzsche did, that one can attain such a supreme state of being that they should literally be a beacon to the rest of us on how to live.

Nietzsche defined this as someone who could be threatened by a demon from hell with having to relive their life over and over and over for all eternity and not flinch.

The Ubermensch would welcome life on permanent repeat.

Now I don't believe Nietzsche was right on everything, for one he was an anti-darwinist and an imbecilic sexist.

But he was also wise enough to be helping me write my worldview.

Who is my ubermensch?

My father, who told me that you must love that which you do for a living because you spend your life at work.

Marie Curie who wrote, "Nothing in life is to be feared, only understood."

The great teacher James Randi, who is a stage magician who has set himself to expose the frauds born of myths.

Susan Blackmore who is unraveling the truth of memetics. And has pink hair!

The character for Alexander the Great in Reign the Conqueror by Peter Chung, Alexander can only explain his need to conquer by saying, "I must keep advancing."

Natasha Cox, singer of Mankind is Obselete, who walked away from her computer industry job, to sing in a band.

The great Carl Sagan who taught the world to love science.

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To Catch a Soul

From Personal Passion

In ancient Greece emotions were called passions by the philosophers. Many considered emotion to be the source of all suffering and resisted its pull. We call these mighty thinkers: the stoics.

I love emotion.

I love its ability to tunnel through whatever stands in your way.

I love its ability to make those you love into gods or saints, and to render those you hate to somehow less than human.

I love that so many of our passions are mere scars of evolution, like my overwhelming love for fat and carbohydrates.

On the savanna carbs and carbohydrates were hard to come by, so those who were willing to do anything to get them, tended to have more babies.

Add technology, industry, and political stability and BAM! you have an obesity problem in the richest nation on earth.

If you have any doubt that my tendency to overeat is a passion, you have obviously never eaten with me!

I love how the only way to dominate these scars of evolution is to use other scars of evolution.

I love to overeat, but I want my peacock feathers to be the brightest and most beautiful of all.

Peacock feathers are not adaptive. They hinder the birds ability to avoid predators in a major way.

But the feathers attract females, so they have survived evolution.

Also any animal who can survive the pain in the ass (joke intended) which is the peacock tail is going to have good genes.

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Red Victoria: Film Review

Red Victoria

an Anthony Brownrigg Film

First allow me to say that I like this film enough that I'm watching it for the second time right now as I write this. I fully expect to watch it several more times.

I saw this film screened at Texas Fear Fest 2, not knowing what to expect.

The film in a nutshell is about an artsy-fartsy film writer who cannot sell a meaningful script. So his agent tells him that he has to write a horror movie, because the genre is buying anything.

This was an encouraging sign, any time a film pokes fun at its own genre.

So the writer in his inability to write horror begins to recite a some Shakespeare in the middle of the night and accidently summons a muse.

The muse, Victoria, starts killing people in the writers life in order to inspire him to write horror.

The film has three incredibly powerful good points.

For one, it really is funny.

Its not funny in a particular cheesy way, its funny in a sarcastic, cynical, self-depreciating kind of way that makes it funny. For one, he lures his friend the horror enthusiast, into a conspiracy by promising him glory in "the chatrooms."

As a pop-culture enthusiast who spends too much time on the internet, this is really funny.

Second the film is in fact scary.

As it really crescendos at the end there is a powerful and beautiful tension that caused me to yearn for my own murder.

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Black and White: Judge Not!

Great video series that I watch on YouTube. This guy is awesome, and does humanistic analysis (philosophical, historical, literary, etc.) of christian ideas. He rocks!

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Texas Fear Fest

 Texas Fear Fest 2


This weekend I went to the horror movie convention called Texas Fear Fest 2. I went there because I had a hunch that horror movie fans are of above average intelligence, and with some good salesmanship I could get a lot more listeners for my incredibly awesome Mindcore: Shockjock of Science Podcast!! Ooooh-yeah!


So I passed out flyers, bullshitted with people, bought a bunch of cool stuff and had a blast. 


I also learned as I attended panels and movie screenings in the convention I was an opinionated Motherfucker. 


I went to panels with the original cast of the Nightmare on Elm Street film, and found their commentary beautiful and inspiring, and I remembered how much I really loved that movie.


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Marijuana Law Vs. Marijuana Science

 Your time would be better spent listening to The Mindcore: Shockjock of Science Podcast


Marijuana Law vs. Science


Marijuana is a plant that is regularly enjoyed by many as an intoxicant, which has also been found to be a good treatment for nausea with people who are undergoing chemotherapy. Marijuana contains delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol. 



We know this lovely molecule as THC. The intoxication effects of Marijuana have been studied, with funding from the legendary Mayor LaGuardia during his heyday. Marijuana relaxes people, makes them easily amused, enhances perception of sound, and makes them easily amused. Off course another word for a state of being easily amused is happiness. 


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Conservative Thought

Your Time Would be Better Spent Listening to Mindcore the Shockjock of Science Podcast


My First Conservative Thought

My First Conservative Thought

First of all allow me to briefly apologize that I am in fact drunk right now. I have had some good Cuban Rum (which is contraband by the way) and a delicious Pinot Grigio from the award winning Dellatorri winery. I am a little drunk.

Allow the record to show that it is 2:15 pm on Friday February 29, 2008.

Why am I drunk?

Well I got out of the lab by having my front caps fall off and having to go to the Dentist, but it is a good thing since I have probably slept a total of 6 hours in the last three days.

Those who know me personally and just read that can pick their jaws of the floor now because I usually go to bed at 10 and I get up at 6 in the morning. I am a healthy sleeper.

But my pod cast has been such a delightful labor of love, that I have been perpetually working on either recording, editing or promoting it in the last several days with few exceptions.

My pod cast is so much fun for me.

I decided that I need to start a business, and here is the impending conservative thought drawing ever nearer…

What do I do to start a business?

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This is the Bastard Fairies, they make me happy

This is the Bastard Fairies. I heard of them from the Richard Dawkins site. I have sense downloaded the album, and enjoyed this song over and over.

The Bastard Fairies haven't given me shit, I'm just that stoked on their bizzare lyrics, sexually charged weirdness, and the fun of it all.

Plus, this is an atheist song if I've ever heard one.

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Science to the People

  Science to the People


by Mindcore




I have certain aspects of my political philosophy that will always be rooted deeply in leftist thought.


I do not apologize for this.


I have a short list of basic leftist premises:


1.) Allowing extreme poverty to exist is unethical.


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