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Message from Anonymous

Anonymous is a group of former members of the Church of Scientology. The Church of Scientology raises a lot of concerns. Anonymous does much to protect and defend former members from the harassment that the Church of Scientology exposes its members to.

XenuTV1 was taken down by YouTube even though it contained no violations of YouTubes terms of using your account.

Here is a message from Anonymous:

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New Podcast Episode

This episode contains music from the RRS's own Mr. Gawn. It also contains an interview with Dr. Mark Crislip from Quackcast. Please check it out.

Listen to this episode

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Drinking the Kool-Aid

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New Kurtz Video

I think I feel about this guy the way that Marx felt about Hegel. The way Nietzche felt about Wittingstein. The way Sartre felt about Kierkegaad. The way Trotsky felt about Marx. The way Lacan felt about Freud. I love this guy:

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My Last 48 Hours and the Liars that Infested Them!

Liars and Other Nuisances

I haven't done this for a while. Just tell everyone about my day. Thats usually because its boring. But not the last two days. Not at all.

Since I have decided to think of myself as a eupraxsopher I have found a new boldness for coping with the things that I believe perpetuate delusion and ignorance in our society.

So this blog entry is about how eupraxsophy has caused me some adventures.

Yesterday I went to take my O-Chem lab 2 final. They always make us fuck around forever before the exam. They do this to examine the lab equipment, make us clean it, and charge us for damage. Fair enough.

This nice looking african american woman, in my class, kept striking conversation with me.

I was reading Paul Kurtz's The Transcendental Temptation and she kept asking me how I could read something like that when it wasn't assigned for a class.

I get this a lot from my peers.

I got it when I was reading Candle in the Dark, by Carl Sagan. All I can think, is why would you major in science if you don't think its fun to learn about science.

They major in it because they expect to become MDs. This worries me, and keeps me up at night.

This lovely young lady, eventually mentioned God. She did so when I said I read Kurtz, because he argues that nature is awe inspiring.

Her response was, "Thats because God made it."

I said how do we know it was God and not a giant spaghetti noodle.

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Secular Islam

I've been watching the Secular Islam Summit on the CFI YouTube channel. I watch almost only YouTube, I am such a child of the internet I watch the Horror Movie the Lawnmower Man, and when he says, "I am God here!" I felt it in my G-spot. Well enough about the internet.

Back to the CFI Secular Islam Summit.

So I learned a lot of things, and had a lot of challenging things watching these videos. For those of you who are not my Facebook readers, there will be one of the sessions posted underneath.

Some of things I heard that I totally agree with are that the Prophet Muhammad was not holy.

That pre-islamic arab and persian history are plenty to be proud of and should be embraced by arabs and persians as part of their cultural heritage.

It seems there is more to be admired in Xerxes than Mohammed. Indeed.

I love arabs and persians. I have found myself to have a fetish for these people. I feel so at home around arabs and persians, even as loudmouthed and blasphemous as I am. I yearn to see freedom from religion and freedom of religion in these people's lands.

May they shine as brightly as a thousand suns.

I have also agreed with the common thread of all the speakers that it would behoove the west to support secular education in the Middle East.

I heard lovely Q'ranic scholarship, which made me remember fondly my Islamic experiment.

I also heard calls for the Islamic practice of Ijtihad or islamic scholarship. Critical study of the Q'ran and Hadith in academia but with ecclissiastical consequence.

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Eupraxsophy Revisited by: Paul Kurtz

Affirming Life

EditorialPaul Kurtz

The following article is from Free Inquiry magazine, Volume 24, Number 6.

Eupraxsophy Revisited

There is no word in the English language that adequately conveys the meaning of secular humanism. Secular humanism is not a religion; it represents a philosophical, scientific, and ethical outlook. I have accordingly introduced a new term, eupraxsophy, in order to distinguish humanistic convictions and practices from religious systems of faith and belief.

This term can be used in many languages. It is derived from Greek roots: eu-, praxis, and sophia.

Eu- is a prefix that means “good,” “well,” or “advantageous.” It is found in the Greek word eudaimonia, which means “well-being” or “happiness,” and it is also used in English terms such as eulogy and euphoria.

Praxis (or prassein) refers to “action, doing, or practice.” Eupraxia means “right action” or “good conduct.”

Sophia means “wisdom.” This word appears in philosophy, combining philos (“love&rdquoEye-wink and sophia (“wisdom&rdquoEye-wink to mean “love of wisdom.”

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My Favorite Philosopher

This is Paul Kurtz. He created the word "eupraxsophy" which is science + reason +activism. Paul Kurtz is also an ethicist and bases some of his views on existentialism.

If that doesn't make sense, in punk-rock-ese it says, he thinks its good to drink and fuck and to help folks drink and fuck.

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Skeptic Busts Skeptic

I hooked up with Alejandro Borgos, director of CFI Argentina because I'm trying to promote atheism in Latin America, and while researching him I found an article by him about how he busted a skeptic faking his evidence.


I thought it was so cool to read about a skeptic busting a skeptic. This is exactly how peer review works in science.


The Enemy Within

Chronology of an Anti-Skepticism Case in Argentina

Alejandro J. Borgo
This is an account of an episode I would have never wished to report. It shows how skeptics are not immune to hoaxing and it emphasizes the importance of preventing future events like this in skeptical organizations.


On November 15, 2001, Argentine UFOlogist Francisco Fazio was a guest on the TV show Movete. He presented a World Trade Center video, where a UFO could be seen "filmed" flying near the Twin Towers (supposedly on July 24, 2000) [



The video originally aired on the Sci Fi Channel more than a year earlier, as a promotional clip [2].

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Shameless Plug

I am interviewing the host of this awesome podcast :


Site logo

The host of this show is Mark Crislip. Mark Crislip is an infectious disease physician who has taken it upon himself to provide free educational resources on alternative medicine and what is going on with alternative medicine vs. science based medicine.

I won’t lie, this show is not often nice to alternative medicine, I think the biggest pass I’ve ever heard Dr. Crislip give alternative medicine is that something might be a good idea in some situations.

Of course, that is incredibly valuable information.

I am of the belief that all we have is our bodies. For my atheist readers, you should also agree with this statement.

Your body, enclosed in its epidermis, controlled by the nervous system, and sustained by water, air and food.  You have nothing else, when this thing dies, you die.

When you die, there is no afterlife.

When you die its the end of everything for you.

So with that jolly message, I remind you that your personal health is possibly the most important thing in your life.

It is very important that you take good care of it.

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