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Interview With Ghost Investigator Alison Smith

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Hope you like it, Alison runs SAPS and she works for James Randi.

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Why I Changed My Name

Why Did I Change my Name

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Interview With the Rational Response Squad

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On this episode of my podcast I interview Kelly and Brian, please check it out.

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Science, Skeptic, Secular Organizations: My Judgement

Secular/Skeptical/Science Organizations : My Judgement

Yesterday I was very lucky to be able to interview my friends, the Rational Response Squad leaders Brian Sapient and his sweetheart Kelly.

I love the Rational Response Squad and think they provide a very important service that was needed, is needed, and will continue to be needed until the day finally arrives that the United States is a secular country. Even then, the Rational Response Squad has been lovingly embraced in other countries such as Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia, so if anything I am underestimating the service that they provide.

The thing about the Rational Response Squad is that they are unique. Another word for unique, which is used in business, is niche.

I have heard a story about Malcom X and Martin Luther King. I don't know if the story is true, but it makes my point nicely.

I am told that Martin Luther King had a regular practice of telling the establishment of a city (which would not have even met with Malcom X) that they could deal with him now or have to deal with Malcom X later.

This is a wonderful strategy, and has been the reality of countless political movements since time immemorial.

In this example I am likening the Rational Response Squad to Malcom X.

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PZ Myers Interview!!!

 PZ Myers writes, arguably, the most popular atheist and/or science blog in the world. I had the pleasure of interviewing him for my podcast.

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The Best Cartoon Ever: Kids Learn About Religion

 You better get an adult diaper, you are going to crap yourself when you see this!

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New Podcast Episode: Bug Girl

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Is that a bug in your hair follicles, or are you just happy to see me?

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Lawrence Krauss Interview

Listen to this if you have watched "The Secret" or "What the Bleep do We Know" you may have been a victim of quantum fraud.



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Framing Jesus Camp

Framing Jesus Camp

This blog is about Becky Fischer of Jesus Camp fame.

First let me say truthfully Becky Fischer is a genius. I love her.

When I did children’s ministry I would have sold my soul to the Devil to be like

Becky Fischer.

I am a big fan of Meme theory as proposed by Susan Blackmore. Meme theory states that ideas which spread among organisms work in an evolutionary manner analogous to

natural selection.

Religion is the favorite example of nearly all memeticists.

Becky Fischer may not believe in memes, and she may not even know what that word means, but she is one of the world’s memetic engineers.

Becky is not evil, at least I don’t think so. No, Becky is a very talented communicator who specializes in children.

If Becky embraced secular education as her muse for her fantastic talents, we would all be sending her money begging her not to stop.

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Creflo Dollar

I’m listening to Creflo Dollar, right now. Trying to get inspired and ready for the preaching segment of my podcast.

If you haven’t listened to the podcast yet, first of all you are ruining your life by missing this badass podcast; second I need to inform you that I use all the tricks of Pentecostal preachers as Pentecostal preachers taught them me.

I godlessly speak in tongues to show its nothing more than a performance, and nothing supernatural at all.

Creflo Dollar is a black dude, and he is well received in the black community. This guy though, is no Reverend Wright. He is 100% establishment.  Creflo Dollar is part of the up and coming black religious right.

But that would be bottling him in.

I have an affinity for villains, I love them. It’s hard to explain, when I see villains I admire them like living works of art, they are simply beautiful to me.

Creflo Dollar is a villain.

He chiefly preaches that poverty is no excuse to not give him money.

But he does this so masterfully, so gently, its like getting fucked in the ass with Novocain for lubricant.

You don’t feel a single sting.

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