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I happened to be on YouTube watching some comedy channel when this Prageru commercial popped up. It reminded me of the Khan Institute so I watched it.

The black lady in the video started talking about the "Inconvenient Truth About the Democratic Party". She starts off with a question on which party would you think is worse on Civil Rights.

I was instantly curious about the wording of the question because on the surface one would say the Republican Party in recent decades, but I already knew that the Democratic Party has southern roots and is related to the suppression of the black rights.

The "Party of Lincoln" then was pro black rights, but that's only on the surface too. While the Republican party was pro civil rights, not all members of the party were in favor for it, even then the rights were limited as compared to today.

The video went on and on, guilt by association. Filled with fallacy after fallacy.

In closing they make it seem like the Democratic party today is only after the black vote when the Democratic Party lays claim to supporting the blacks.


While it is true the Democratic party in the late 1800's was against black rights and the Republican party was pro black rights, today it is a much different story.

The Republican party has done much to suppress the black vote. They have committed the same actions the Democratic party did in the 1800's, less the lynching, but I'm betting that many White Hate Groups would love to support that as a law.

There are plenty of those people around which support and are members of the Republican party who are Hate Groups. They might be quiet and hiding in the corners of a dark space, but they exist.

The Republican party isn't some golden child of Civil Rights. They too have a dark past of obstructing rights of any one else other that white males.


PragerU is nothing more than a Spin-Doctor of a website operating as an educational source.

They are trying to paint a positive picture of the Republican party. They are trying to paint a negative picture of the Democratic party.

Both are flawed. Both are corrupt. Both are enemies of the country, looking out for corporate investments and who is donating the largest sum of money to their campaign.

PragerU is a farce.


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 The parties flipped during

 The parties flipped during the 50s and 60s and Nixon's "Southern Strategy" solidified that flip.  Today's GOP is not the party of Lincoln. Unless the GOP gets wise to the fact that younger generations are not buying into the old white bigotry of the GOP they will die out. 

But even if they get rid of the bigotry part, their economics still suck. 

"We are a nation of Christians and Muslims, Jews and Hindus -- and nonbelievers."Obama
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I did some superficial

I did some superficial research and found that a dozen white supremacy leaders are Republican.