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When the British occupation of India began, the English soldiers that traveled there were shocked by the lack of Christian shame and the "immoral" practices of the Hindu heathens. Displays of affection were openly displayed in public settings. Sexuality was promoted. To those religious officers in the Queens army, India was the center of licentiousness and depravity.

By the time that the occupation was finally ended, there had been a major shift in Hindu consciousness. The British soldiers had forced social standards on the Hindu populace. Where a couple might walk down the street playfully fondling each other before, they would walk as though seperated by a moving wall.

Today's Hindu populace cannot remember a time when it was considered alright to hold hands, or hug, or kiss in public.

Physical contact is not a bad thing. A hug or kiss shows affection and trust. Although it may not be considered "moral" by those who worship ancient bronze-age war gods, to those of us who support the contention that we are indeed physical creatures, physical contact is a good thing.

Everybody needs a hug now and then. Everybody likes to be kissed. Let's get away from ideas of hate and warmongering. Reach out and touch someone, make contact, and bring more love to the world.

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Love gives me nausea. Hatred

Love gives me nausea. Hatred is a much more satisfying and invigorating emotion (not that I experience it or anything, being a cyborg badass and all).

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