Debate: Rich Rodriguez vs Pastor Gene Cook and Jonathan

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I was featured on the Narrow Mind radio show/podcast this morning.


You can hear it here:



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Rich, that was really fun

Rich, that was really fun to listen to.  These guys, I must admit, let you speak more than most radio hosts.   You made a lot of really good points in the first segment that they really didn't have any answers for.

Your bit about morality after the break hit very hard.  I couldn't believe that guy said he was ok with stoning children!  I don't care how he tried to justify it.  (His justification was abhorrent.)  It always astonishes me that people can listen to this and think it's right.

In one segment, he condemns Hitler, and in the next, he advocates stoning children for the good of the rest of humanity, not five minutes after getting onto you for not having a real morality.

I admit, it was fun listening until they started talking about how they really feel about non-Christians.  I mean, these are the "reasonable" Christian podshow hosts.  They're the nice guys, and they're ok with ripping women's bellies out if they're not on the right side of a holy book.


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Don't forget to listen to

Don't forget to listen to the follow up show.

If it's anything like my podcast experiences there will be a 'gathering of the flock'. Only one of mine has ever been available on the web. The rest are gone.

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