Works by Natural including Gnu Atheism discussion

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Natural is a long time writer and supporter of The Rational Response Squad.  He is a very dedicated atheist activist who is in a never ending pursuit of helping to formulate methods for atheists to make leaps and strides in society.  The pages below serve as a repository of some of his works.  He is currently actively involved with the site (Nov-08-2011) so please feel free to post comments in any of his topics below.

He is currently actively working on the Atheism United Wiki, and he encourages other atheists to join in and help.

From his wiki user page:

Wonderist wrote:

I am Thaumas Themelios, aka Wonderist (several sites), aka natural (RRS, and the IG forums). You can call me Thaumas or Tom for short.

I'm into science, philosophy, evolution, and much more which I'll get to later.

My personal philosophy is based upon the concepts and experiences related to wonder. Such philosophies are collectively called wonderism, and I often identify myself as a wonderist, e.g. with a username such as Wonderist.

I also identify as a gnu atheist.