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This is really a message for Rook, hi.  I only just stumbled across your prodigious work today by chance, as I was doing a web search on Vittorio Macchioro's  From Orpheus to Paul.   I listened to your video about Nazareth and the lecture on Jesus, both of which I found enjoyable and perspicuous.   Then I scrolled through your impressive wish list and noticed you do have a book of G.A. Wells listed, however I would recommend  more than one, as he is such a careful and forensic writer.    Also I notice there is no mention of John Lamb Lash, so I recommend his website  www.metahistory.org as John's highly original writings on Gnosis are sure to catch your interest.   This is more than sufficient for the present I'm sure, and I seldom presume to recommend books without some sort of formal contact.  I am based in the UK - a (very) mature sceptical esotericist currently working on a doctoral dissertation through Newcastle University in NSW.   I look forward to reading your book on Gnosis and Orphism as these topics interest me greatly.   I hope you find these suggestions helpful, all the best David (Llewellyn Foster) p.s. I also ought to mention Thomas McEvilley's The Shape of Ancient Thought as I believe you will find this essential reading if no-one else has yet mentioned it to you...

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Thank you, David.  I have

Thank you, David.  I have quite a substantial library of books, including several from G.A. Wells who I greatly admire.  (I have some 600 books currently in my library)  I will look into those other books.  Hang around a bit and look into some of my blogs.  The articles there are full of great, substantial information. 

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